This weekend, we have a unique special for you: The KANG CUP. If you don’t know who the player named Ye Kang is, you propably play KiO for less then 3 years. It’s this guy:

He still is the all time best player of the KiO universe, which was only possible stacking lots of „old“ enlightenment items.

Anyway, now it’s time to remember him, the best KiO player, who retired nearly 3 years ago, and we celebrate this with the KANG CUP.

Join a KANG CUP any time from today til monday. The top team will receive a Kang Collectible, 11 of which can be swapped for a silver (Level 14 and lower) or gold player contract.

The cups are held in league mode with 4 teams each at daytimes and most have random maximum strength to allow lower tier teams to participate and win.

Have fun with Kang!