KiO World Cup Gruppenphase beendet!

Qualifiziert fürs Finalturnier am 19.8. (Turnierlisting ab 15 Uhr!) sind:

Qualified for final tournament (on August 19th 13 UTC):

FC Fiasko, -NM- Alph611, TFF Borussia Burgermeister 1900, -GVV- Black – Pearl, TFA FFM Adler, -NM- Bachfischer Fc, FC Gummikrebs, -GVV- germania baumberg, -NM- Padertaucher, -GVV- Shooting Break, -GVV- Vélodrome City FC, TFA Thunder Angel, 1889 Osujinho FC, -NM- Nur der FCK, -BH- ESV Lokomotive Borussia, JVP BORUSSIA JENA, -RU- Slovenija Sport, KTT Besiktas Köln 1903, TFA Marios Bierpatrioten, -NM- Ostblechbande, -BH- FC Bayern Kettwig, -ZPP- Phönix Karlsruhe, KÖNIGSKLASSE TREMMEN.EV, -ZPP- Baumi Fc, IKG FC Frauenpower, -GVV- FC Hot Dog, -BH- 1fc sambuca, TFF FC Südfriesland, GE 04 FC GratisÖl, -GVV- Yin Yang 33, -GVV- FC Flummi 1909, -NM- Das Irrenhaus, JVP Bananenzupferl, KTT DSC Arminia Bierfehlt, -BH- Taudemeister, TFF Kipsdorfer Kickers, -GVV- Rot Weiß Hechingen, GE 04 Hoolland, -GVV- merheim München, IKG FC AUSTRIA 67, -BH- Walking with Strangers, -GVV- werfen allstars, BMC ZORRO, -NM- Don Martin Soccer, -BH- Daan, -NM- 1.Fc Sakima, IKG Westfalenteam, KTT FC Glühwürmchen 1904, JVP FC Deep Depp, -GVV- The DeVil InSide, -NM- South Star, JVP starsontour1909, -NM- 2. FC QuaggyDE, Eintracht Zwiespalt 09, -NM- 1.FC Meinland I KB, TFF FC Rathenow, -GVV- SV.mike the best, -ZPP- FC Kölsch 1978, BMC Hounds of Hell, -RU- 1. FC Preetz, BMC 1.FC Größenwahn, Münster 2004, -FUN- SuperFrog, -NM- SV Lipperode

Wir gratulieren!


KiO World Cup Groups

Hier sind die finalen Gruppenzuteilungen. Es gab zwei Änderungen im Vergleich zum offiziellen Video. Gruppen mit 5 Teilnehmern werden mit einem zufälligen Bot-Team vervollständigt.

Here are the final group setups. Please note that there are minor changes compared to the official draw video. Groups with only 5 participants will get a random bot team.


Group 1: TFF Borussia Burgermeister 1900, JVP borussia baden, -GVV- Black – Pearl, KTT Alaturca Spor Kulübü, -BH- Invisibles München, IKG BLUNTS (6)
Group 2: -BH- Boobonics, -NM- 1.Fc Sakima, 1889 BLADES, TDS Gold State Warriors 2019, TFA FC Bayern Sport, IKG Westfalenteam (6)
Group 3: -GVV- Svænne Exercitus, -BH- TV Biddafeld, -RU- KSCeWILDPARK, -NM- South Star, TFA FFM Adler, IKG IbkSteelers (6)
Group 4: -BH- Vorwärts Bayern, -NM- 2. FC QuaggyDE, JVP starsontour1909, Bruchpiloten Ismaning, FKK Welcome to Hell, -BF- Eintracht Mario (6)
Group 5: KTT Fürstenhof Varisker, -NM- SV Lipperode, -BH- Magic Stars 1, Xxx German Dream xxX, Eintracht Zwiespalt 09, IKG CarinaCologne (6)
Group 6: PIZZA FC SensibleSoccer, -NM- Don Martin Soccer, KTT 1.FC Werkself 1904, -BH- Daan, TFF SV-Husum (5)
Group 7: -NM- Bachfischer Fc, FC Gummikrebs, JVP Shadowfax, -BH- SG Schneifel, -BF- Stoneriver City (5)
Group 8: JVP Borbecker FC, -NM- Alph611, -BH- Finch der Grinch, -ZPP- Gokkun, TFF SV Ripuar Homberg, FC Fiasko (6)
Group 9: -DE- Greifswalder SV 14, -BH- ChitoChat, TFF FC Rathenow, -NM- 1.FC Meinland I KB, JVP Fortuna Himbeergeist, -RU- tHeRa PaNtHeRa 007 (6)
Group 10: TDS Dark days, -GVV- Shooting Break, -FP- Sniper Wuppi, KTT FC Glühwürmchen 1904, -NM- Maga, IKG SC Kayhan (6)
Group 11: IKG Fritzis Eleven SGE, BMC Spvgg Koeln-Hanau, -GVV- germania baumberg, -ZPP- Halli Galli Lucker 81, -NM- Padertaucher, JVP Snakeville (6)
Group 12: TFF BRAßILIANER, TRM Rumpelfuß, -GVV- Vélodrome City FC, -ZPP- BvB Lippstadt 09, JVP FC Deep Depp, -BH- Wandering Rovers (6)
Group 13: -RU- Panthera Bremen, JVP Klautern 1900, 1889 Osujinho FC, TFA Thunder Angel, -GVV- FC Lions 12, PIZZA Gianni Rivera (6)
Group 14: Dynamo Gang, -BH- ESV Lokomotive Borussia, CAFFE Lampogol, JVP SC LUI KON, -NM- Nur der FCK, KTT KILLEPITSCH (6)
Group 15: -RU- Slovenija Sport, FUN FC Rodego, -GVV- Team-Odw, JVP BORUSSIA JENA, -BH- Damage nc. (5)
Group 16: 1910 Ramba Zamba Boys, TFA Marios Bierpatrioten, JVP CKC Green, 1966 Ifix Tcen Tcen, KTT Besiktas Köln 1903, -GVV- Sylter Sport (6)
Group 17: -BH- FC Bayern Kettwig, -NM- Ostblechbande, -BF- Schnüdel-Power, -BW- **FIREBOYS**BW**, IKG FC Saarbruecken, KTT Aufstiegskolonne 1892 (6)
Group 18: -ZPP- FC Kölsch 1978, -RU- S.n.a.k.e E.y.e, -BH- FC Sc Nankatsu, JVP Freddy K., -GVV- SV.mike the best, TFF Wacker Insborg (6)
Group 19: -NM- 1.FC Monheim-Baumberg, -ZPP- Phönix Karlsruhe, KÖNIGSKLASSE TREMMEN.EV, -TR- Ayyildizspor 74, -BH- NamelessPhantom, BMC Biersportverein Berlin (6)
Group 20: GE 04 Eurofighter 1904, -BF- SG 2013-Rugensau, BMC Hounds of Hell, -BH- SSV Reutlingen 1974, -RU- 1. FC Preetz, 1889 La Puerta de Gijón (6)
Group 21: JVP BIEL, -ZPP- Baumi Fc, CAFFE River monsters F. C., TFA Galacticos KingX, FUN vazelos82, IKG FC Frauenpower (6)
Group 22: 1910 FC Grillinger, Graufuchs Bottrop, -BH- 1fc sambuca, TFF FC Südfriesland, KTT Kentucky Kid, FKK Der-rote-Hannoveraner1896 (6)
Group 23: CAFFE FC EVERGOL, TFF FC Döner jawull, 1910 Beerjumpers FC, -GVV- FC Hot Dog, KTT SaXonS HaLLa, BMC 1.FC Größenwahn (6)
Group 24: -RU- Panthera Horn, -GVV- Yin Yang 33, TFA 1.FC Alyxia, -UC- Goleador Derby, ENZ Traktor Bukowski, GE 04 FC GratisÖl (6)
Group 25: FC Chem Sa, JVP Bananenzupferl, -BH- Allfield Utd, -GVV- The DeVil InSide, KTT HAHOHE 1892 (5)
Group 26: -GVV- simon242, -NM- Rote Teufel Amateure, -BH- Taudemeister, -ZPP- Weserfun Minden, JVP Marcs Bierpatrioten, KTT DSC Arminia Bierfehlt (6)
Group 27: -BF- Gelbewand 09, 09ER BVB Borussia Lollar 09, TFF Kipsdorfer Kickers, 1FC Augustin Kickers, -GVV- Rot Weiß Hechingen, KTT SAMAT 14 (6)
Group 28: IKG FC.Unicorns, 1FC Vfl Borussia Kaster, -BH- Thunderstorm United, -GVV- FC Flummi 1909, -NM- Das Irrenhaus, TFF Fc Wacker Boden (6)
Group 29: Münster 2004, -BW- Aran Banjo, GE 04 Hoolland, FKK FC Highflyer, TRI Nugget, TFF 1. FC Steeve HD (6)
Group 30: Ufr Gochsheim, GE 04 FC Erndtebrück S04, -GVV- merheim München, -RU- Pocalujmniewdupe, IKG FC AUSTRIA 67, -NM- WOLFS-RUDEL (6)
Group 31: IKG schicht 2, True Believers, -BH- Walking with Strangers, -GVV- werfen allstars, 1889 The LAST Stylebander (5)
Group 32: IKG TuRa Meldorf, BMC ZORRO, -BH- SC Phoenix United, -FUN- SuperFrog, -GVV- FLOKI LEMORSHJT WERDER HORTE, TFF SG 1 Kommando (6)

KiO World Cup 2023

Of course, the big KiO World Cup will again take place this year!

The start is on 23 June.

As always, there are 192 qualifying groups in knockout mode every day between 10 am and 10 pm, the winners qualify for the group stage (you can participate as often as you like until you qualify). The qualifiers run until mid-July, so I’m sure everyone will find time to participate at some point. We end the qualifying phase again with a Youtube video showing the group draw.

The group stage will probably take place on Saturday, 5 August: 32 groups of 6 in league mode with first and second legs, 1st and 2nd place will advance to the final round. There will be no more than one team from the same clan per group if possible!

The grand final day is expected to be 19 August: 64 teams will play the winner in knockout mode with second legs.

Good luck and have fun with the preparation!

Announcement: Kick it out 23

On the occasion of our game’s 13th birthday on 21 May, KiO 23 will be released!

We are expanding the game with interesting aspects and carrying out necessary technical renovations.

New: Monthly specials

There will be monthly Nation Specials, initially alternating between Spain, Italy, England, France and Germany. These are regular knockout tournaments that run several times a day with one special feature: you must setup at least 3 players from the respective country! As special rewards, tournament winners will receive two (final losers one) new collectibles, 11 of which can be exchanged for a top platinum player from the respective country. So it’s worth taking part! There are also new medals for winning nations tournaments. Alongside with this innovation, you will be able to choose new player’s home country when activating rookie contracts in the academy (from a selection).

New: Donate your stock

We know that many of you have hundreds of items in your inventory that you will never use up. Instead of recycling them, you will be able to donate piles of these items. You won’t get anything out of this apart from a new medal, but others will: Ludetis will announce donation goals each time. As soon as a certain number of items has been donated in total by all users, Ludetis will donate a fixed amount of money to a previously announced charity organisation! We will announce the details at the start.

Technical changes

Due to frequent problems with location detection (not only technical, but also due to Google’s complicated data protection regulations) and the impractical mechanisms on the device, we will in future only carry out location tracking on the server side. For this purpose, your IP number will be evaluated – an inaccurate but technically unproblematic procedure. We will only know the city you are in (sometimes even this is only approximately correct) – but this is sufficient for our needs, firstly to check in which RegioCup you belong and secondly to check for multi-account abuse (done only in case of suspicion). Other changes concern bug fixes and the updating of components that the game needs. Such things are not visible to the outside world, but unfortunately cause a lot of work. Therefore, even more innovations in this update are not possible. We ask for your understanding.

We are looking forward to the big update with you and are working hard to make it a fun experience!

All about the november update

On 11-11 the November update of Kick it out (version 10.12) for Android will be released!

And this is new:

Friendlies: home, away, it doesn’t matter!

The update brings a new button to the friendly match lounges: In future, you can determine that you don’t care whether you play at home or away. Accordingly, you will be drawn to any suitable team that is also currently on the lookout, regardless of where the match is taking place. This innovation is based on a suggestion from the community.

Own tournaments with weak SSP

In the future, you will not only be able to organise your own tournaments with a strong SSP, but also with a weak SSP. This improvement was also a suggestion from a fellow player.

Mentor list

To make it easier for new players to get in touch with the community, there is a list of managers who offer their support: The “Mentors”. New players can use this list to request a friendship with mentors and then ask questions and receive advice in the chat. If you want to become a mentor, apply: send a message to the support. Mentors have no benefits in the game, so the work is purely voluntary. We have no way of knowing how many newcomers will take advantage of this option – but we would like to try to make it easier for new players to get started in our game, which is really not all that easy.

New playable country: Morocco

On the initiative of fellow players, Morocco has been added as a playable country in the Africa League.


In addition, as always, there are a number of corrections, many of which affect the statistics part of the tablet version. Also, when selecting crests, your stars are now shown in the preview.

The update is expected to be released on 11-11 during the course of the day and will install automatically, you can recognise it by the version number in the bottom right corner.

There are no gameplay changes that affect the simulation or your players.


KiO World Cup Finalists

Congratulations to the following 64 teams who managed to advance into the 2022 KiO World Cup Final Tournament which takes place Saturday, August 20, 16 CEST!

Wir gratulieren den folgenden 64 Teams, die es geschafft haben, sich zu qualifizieren für das große KiO World Cup-Finalturnier am Samstag, 20 August, 16 Uhr!


Qualified for Finals
1. -NG- 1.FC Werkself 1904
2. -BH- Rot Weiß Hechingen
3. -NG- Caen Kylian34
4. TFA Galacticos KingX
5. DUTCH Fun Fun Fun FC
6. -NG- FC Flummi 1909
7. TRI Nugget
8. TFF Borussia Burgermeister 1900
9. -NG- Eddschmer FC
10. -GVV- Yin Yang 33
11. IKG 2. FC QuaggyDE
14. JVP Fortuna Himbeergeist
15. -NG- simon242
16. -NG- 1.FC Meinland I KB
17. -ZPP- Weserfun Minden
18. -NG- SaXonS HaLLa
19. -BF- FC OLDIS Germany
20. BMC Spvgg Koeln-Hanau
21. -ZPP- Gokkun
22. TFF FC Döner jawull
23. -NG- South Star
24. -BF- SC Phoenix United
25. -NG- 1.FC Monheim-Baumberg
26. TFF FC Südfriesland
27. TFA Marcs Bierpatrioten
28. -NG- Rathenow FC
29. JVP Klautern 1900
30. -BH- Walking with Strangers
31. BMC Barfuß Bergheim
32. TFA Fußball Club -MD- 1965
33. JVP CKC Green
34. BMC Biersportverein Berlin
35. -NG- FC Hot Dog
36. PIZZA Gianni Rivera
37. -BH- Slovenija Sport
38. TFF SV-Husum
39. TFA FC Bayern Sport
40. -NG- merheim München
41. -BH- Nur der BVB und der FCK
42. TFA Marios Bierpatrioten
43. IKG Ostblechbande
44. TFA SV Prösen
45. -TR- Ayyildizspor 74
46. -NG- Rumpelfuß
47. BMC Grün-Weiß Borgsdorf
48. -BW- Aran Banjo
49. -NG- FC Hillary
50. TFA MTV AlkoholHademstorf
51. JVP Snakeville
52. 1889 The LAST Stylebander
53. -NG- 1.Fc Sakima
54. -NG- Rote Teufel Amateure
55. JVP FC Adilette
57. TFA fc 1846 ich
58. -NG- SaXonS RedBuIIs
59. -BH- Allfield Utd
60. Ramba Zamba Boys
61. TFA 1.FC Alyxia
62. JVP Bananenzupferl
64. -MT- sv fortuna gefell

KiO World Cup Group Phase

The 192 qualifier tournaments have ended, congratulations to the teams who made it into the group phase!

You can watch the ceremony on youtube.

Or, read the complete group list here.

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KiO World Cup 22 Announcement

Of course the great KiO World Cup will take place in summer – not in winter, like other world tournaments you might think of.

Start is on July 11th!

There will be 192 qualifier tournaments in KO mode hourly each day between 10 and 22 CEST. The winners progress to the group phase. In contrast to the UC qualifiers, you can play any number of KiO Worldcup qualifiers until you win one. Note that this might become easier in the last tournaments when the strongest teams are already through…

There will be 32 Group phase tournaments with 6 participants each, taking place on saturday, august 13th. The mode will be league with rematch, and the 2 best teams progress to the final round. The system will put no more than one team per clan into the same group phase tournament.

The great finals day is august 20th. On that day, the 64 finalists will fight for the KiO World Cup 2022.

Have a great summer and good luck in the largest KiO tournament of the year!

Announcing KiO 10.11

12 years of Kick it out! Yes, our game left the official Beta in may 2010. About time for a great update, isn’t it?

KiO Solar Cup

Yes, we have a new great tournament!

The Solar Cup will be the new second-tier weekly tournament, while the Galaxy Cup will be moved to third rank. The net result is that both tournaments can run with 64 participants (not 128 like now) and the 6th place in the league allows for participation, too. Also, we add a last minute registration period of 5 minutes before start, open for the public to decrease the number of bot teams. While at it, we are slightly changing the schedule for the Saturday tournaments.

To be precise, the new system works as follows:

10:00-15:30 UC-Qualifiers
17:30 League Cup Finals
19:15 Clan Master Cup
20:15 Universe Cup (for league champions and qualifier winners only)
20:45 Solar Cup (for league place 2 and 3 and league cup winners, with last minute registration)
21:15 Galaxy Cup (for league place 4, 5 and 6, with last minute registration)

With this schedule, more teams can participate in the great tournaments, they do not interfere with clan cups and the last matches of leagues are more important.

Let’s find out who will be the first Solar Cup Winner on June 4th!

Team Events

We are also introducing a new rare item, the Team Event:

You can activate a team event any time (it becomes colorful then) to increase the morale maximum of your team by one for the next 90 minutes! Then the item vanishes.

Multiple active team events add up, but the morale maximum can never exceed 13. There are two very important things to note:

  1. Team Events cannot be combined with Spring Awakenings. That said, they CAN be combined with the Motivator coach, so if you have him, you only need zwei team events to reach the maximum fo 13.
  2. Activations do NOT increase the morale, only the maximum. You need to raise morale the usual way as long as the active event remains to get advantage from it.

Team Events will show up in platinum treasure chests. They replace half of the magic shoes in there, which means that rarity of other items does not change. Also, there will be Team Events in the summer season pack available june 1st.

Team Events are made for the most important matches! You’d propably want to activate them before the last league match or the Universe Cup. Remember you need time to actually raise your morale by winning tournaments before your important event actually starts.


The updated app is scheduled for release on may 30th. It will also include the translated version of the new KiO manual which is available as PDF. This replaces the old wiki.

Thanks for playing and let’s have fun together for another 12 years of Kick it out!



Changes To Clan Scoring Season 598

As you know, we have been thinking about changes to the clan scoring system for a very long time and can now announce a list of extensively discussed and well thought out changes that will come into effect for the upcoming season 598:

  • There will be seven different clan challenges in future, and a different one every day. These challenges are:
    Win 10 tournaments, play 100 games, score 250 goals, and NEW: play 20x in front of a sell-out crowd, win 10x with 4-2-4, play 25x against friends, score 50 specialist goals.
  • In future, the requiremens of the challenges will be the same for all clans and will no longer depend on the placings of the previous weeks or other parameters, as this rule repeatedly led to resentment and is no longer necessary from our point of view to make it more difficult for only one clan to become clan master at a time.
  • Clans will now only receive 10 points for each challenge they complete (i.e. a maximum of 70 per season). There are no more extra points for completing challenges twice. Since the challenges are easier, they must naturally result in fewer points.

This means that the clan challenges will be much easier in future and they will no longer tempt you to play for hours and hours, which is in nobody’s interest. Any clan with even a minimum of ambition will be able to do them, and even very small clans will be able to solve one or the other of these challenges and score points that way. Of course, the significance for the clan championship is smaller, but we didn’t want to abolish the clan HF altogether; that would have disturbed many fellow players.

Instead, there is a new possibility to get points for your clans according to the motto “all for one”, namely in the Clan Duels Friendship Games Lounge, which you already know. The following rules apply:

  • In future, the Clan Duels Friendlies Lounge will only be open from 6 p.m. to midnight, i.e. during the time when a particularly large number of managers are active. This way you don’t have to wait long or even for free. (We will adjust these times in future if it makes sense. For technical reasons, we will probably test this restriction in the course of the week).
  • You will receive 1 clan score point per victory in the Clan Duels Lounge.
  • But you will receive a maximum of 10 points per team and day. So, since only the best 7 teams of each clan ever contribute to the total score, a maximum of 70 points per clan and day is achievable, so 490 points per season for each clan. This is roughly the order of magnitude of the points for the old clan challenges.
  • Only a win against the same opponent counts (it can still happen that you are paired against this opponent, because HE could still get the point by winning!). This prevents someone from trying to get the 10 points all against a second team. Of course, such an attempt will be punished as multiaccount abuse, please don’t even try it and play fair! (You can still compete in the lounge if you have already collected 10 points, but you will not get any more points. You have to watch yourselves when this is the case).
  • In the event of a draw, no team will receive a clanscore point. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs do not exist in friendly matches.

We are introducing this innovation expressly on a trial basis. We appreciate any feedback once you have tried out the new scoring system. We are sure that these new rules will be more fun, fairer and eliminate the unpleasant side effects of the previous scoring system.

Of course, we are making every effort to put the new rules into operation cleanly and smoothly at the right time. Since this is a complicated change, we ask for your understanding in advance if there are any delays. Thank you very much!

With sporting greetings

The players from the development forum and your Ludetis team

Translated with (free version)