Announcement: Kick it out! 24

On 4 November, the big annual update of our game will be released: Kick it out! 24

There will be several minor or major innovations, but the core of the game will remain untouched.

New rule: League participation restriction for households. Due to frequent complaints and time-consuming suspicion checks, starting with this update, we are preventing teams on the same network (i.e. household) from registering for the same league (i.e. country and division). Bypassing this restriction is therefore considered a rule violation. Once again: Participants in the same household (family, flat-sharing community, but also second teams of the same manager, etc.) are prohibited from participating in one and the same league. We ask for your understanding for this measure. We are sure that the enjoyment of the game will not suffer if people within the family only meet in tournaments or friendly matches. Big advantage: As a family, you no longer have to feel exposed to the blanket suspicion of „arranging“ league games because you don’t meet each other at all. More relaxed playing for everyone!

New coach action: Set up team. In future, you can let the coach set up the team. A feature that really exists in every football manager game is now also available in KiO. It is certainly interesting, especially for beginners, to see how the coach sets up the team. By the way, the set tactics remain untouched. Of course, every experienced manager is free not to use the new coach action!

New campaigns

The biggest news is the new advertising campaigns. There are several of them, and we will not present them all in detail here. Basically, the following applies to each campaign:

You can buy the campaign in the shop. Attention: The campaigns are very, very expensive. That is on purpose! They are there so that extremely rich teams have a way to shell out their money for at least somewhat useful things. Having an extremely high capital is not a useful goal for a football manager. So you can finally invest your dough!

You can only have one campaign at a time. This restriction is necessary so that extremely rich teams can’t take advantage of multiple benefits in a short period of time.

Campaigns run for 2 or 3 days. You need to have level 20 (for the „coach memoires“ campaign) or 30 (all others) to see the new campaigns in the shop.

During this time, campaigns grant small benefits (but not in simu!). The advantages are intentionally small so that rich teams do not suddenly have a huge advantage over others.

Here is an example of one of the new promotional campaigns:

As you can easily see, this is a „Tiktok advertising campaign“. It simply generates a certain number of talent points during the runtime of three days. Exactly how many and when is a bit random, and we are not revealing the exact value at the moment, nor the price. Only this much: it’s a three-digit million amount. That’s a lot! You are therefore faced with the decision of whether or not you want to shell out the money for a small pile of talent points. Your free decision!

We will start with six new campaigns. We may be due for a readjustment, and possibly more campaigns will be added in the foreseeable future. Because we don’t think much of you having tens of billions lying around and not knowing where to put it. Now we are creating an opportunity to invest large amounts of capital in a realistic way. We are sure that the majority of you will find this useful and interesting!