KiO World Cup 2023

Of course, the big KiO World Cup will again take place this year!

The start is on 23 June.

As always, there are 192 qualifying groups in knockout mode every day between 10 am and 10 pm, the winners qualify for the group stage (you can participate as often as you like until you qualify). The qualifiers run until mid-July, so I’m sure everyone will find time to participate at some point. We end the qualifying phase again with a Youtube video showing the group draw.

The group stage will probably take place on Saturday, 5 August: 32 groups of 6 in league mode with first and second legs, 1st and 2nd place will advance to the final round. There will be no more than one team from the same clan per group if possible!

The grand final day is expected to be 19 August: 64 teams will play the winner in knockout mode with second legs.

Good luck and have fun with the preparation!