Kick it out! 10.8 is coming

The new version 10.8.0 for Android will be released in the next few days. It mainly contains improvements unrelated to actual matches, so first we’ll talk about a rule change that will take effect from the coming weekend:

After extensive discussions in the forum and with other fellow players, we have decided to introduce a rule that will stop the unrealistic „clan jumping“. What is meant by this is that teams should no longer change clans for a week in order to help them to win the CM. Firstly, this is ultimately a not entirely fair reinforcement by additional forces, and secondly, it is completely unrealistic – or do two or three FC Bayern stars join the BVB just for a season so that they can finally become Deutscher Meister again? Probably not. The new rule is therefore as follows:

Teams will only receive clan rating points for tournament wins, championships etc 7 days after joining a clan.

I’m sure this new rule will be supported by the majority of the community, even if it also affects new clan foundations and „real“ changes, but those are rather rare and affect the CM even less. If teams continue to change clans like a pair of shoes just to help another clan, even if it now takes two weeks instead of one, we will have to change the rule accordingly (extend the period). So, please just don’t. Thank you on behalf of the majority of the community!

Now for the cooler new features of the update. All of them go back to suggestions from you, the community!

  1. There is a new finance season summary with spectators income, transfer balances, salary costs, etc., with actual costs (always counting since last Sunday 0:00) totalled here, in contrast to the existing, rudimentary display. You can find the list next to the account statement.
  2. New top lists: Number of won Clan Cups and U21 Cups
  3. Pressing the button „Other leagues“, you can now also select past seasons, so you can also look at finished leagues
  4. On the Messages screen there is now a from-to filter to only show (or then delete) messages of a certain time period.

One last little thing: The purchase price of foreign players (which you can see via the transfer list, for example) is no longer displayed (as of Saturday). Firstly, it is unrealistic to see this information, which in reality is usually kept secret. Secondly, there have always been unfounded multi-account suspicions because of this: However, a „suspiciously low“ transfer price here is merely a sign of a bargain or an agreed transfer „among friends“ (which is allowed), but rarely an indication of a forbidden secret second team.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact support. Have fun with the new version!

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