11 Years Kick it Out!

This weekend we celebrate the 11th birthday of Kick it Out. Version 1.0 was released on may 21st 2010!

Until tuesday, Birthday Cups are held each ~30 minutes. Win 11 talent points or (as runner-up) 11 coach action points.

Only today, may 21st, from 16-22 CEST, you also get a free present for each 11 matches you play!

We also bring back the rewarded video ads until tuesday.

Make sure you get the latest update 10.6! It shows the KiO World Cup on the archivist’s pages – because the next KiO World Cup will start on June 11th! Also, tournament winners are now displayed on all great tournament lists.

Furthermore, we added a small feature to the chat: You can now tap-and-hold a bubble to copy the text to the clipboard. That’s useful if you want to forward something to somebody or if you want to use a translator app.

Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!