May update

The May update will be released on may 1st. It brings the following changes:

  • Counter offers. Whenever you receive an offer for a player, you can easily send a counter offer with a higher transfer fee (with a certain limitation). The sender of the offer can then accept your counter offer or send a new offer. This is not supported on Windows.
  • Silver and Gold Leagues give no clanscore points anymore because this is not appropriate.
  • Price for carees crystal balls (the redish ones) is lowered permanently to 7 ruby.
  • Season Pack remains unchanged for may. That said, please remember that purchasing those packs with secondary teams and then transfering the worldstar player to a main team is considered multiaccount abuse! There have been multiple cases in the past, and if this doesn’t change, we need to review the contents of the pack.
  • We are testing clan internal yearly trophies in the next weeks. If the feedback is positive, this will be added to the game for all clans.