Rules change

Due to some indicents in the past considered unfair play by many users, we are going to introduce the following minor rules changes for next season:

Coach setup

The coach currently tries to improve your setup if it has strength below 97 AND 10% below the best strength possible (but not if you have team strength below 70). This only happened in league matches, but we are now extending this to Universe Cup, Galaxy Cup and Clan Cup matches.

Furthermore, as the coach setup often was not very good (ignoring specialists and such), we improved the coach’s algorithm a bit. This is of course not meant to support lazy managers, because any top manager will be able to set up a better squad especially for a given opponent, but a bad auto-setup honestly does not change the result of any match.

Organized tournaments

Recently we noticed that organized tournaments are held in huge numbers to solve the clan challenge „win x tournaments“ quickly. Self organized tournaments are meant for fun, and not for simplifying challenges, so starting next season, organized tournaments stop counting towards that clan challenge.

Clan agent

As you know, we disabled all clan agents due to some kind of misuse. We reconsidered the whole feature and came to the conclusion that the clan agent is not a feature we absolutely need. As a consequence, we are going to remove all clan agents in the foreseeable future from all teams.

Future sight

We are aware of the fact that most these changes are concerning the clan features. Of course the clans are an important element of the game, that’s why we need to take care that they allow for a great and fair play oriented experience. That said, it’s a good thing that we are going to improve the clan elements in the planned KiO 10 large update: There will be a new weekly clan tournament which also smaller clans will have a chance to win, and we are going to add a „close clan item“ which allows to remove a clan without members immediately. This currently is done manually, and on weeksends not fast enough if someone wants to remove his clan and join another one. And there will be more, so stay tuned!

And stay healthy!