Weekend Special: Platinum Specialist Offer

This weekend (until monday midnight CEST), you find a rare offer in our premium shop: A 100% platinum specialist for only 49 ruby.

These players can reach max strength 91-99 (all values are equally likely), and have ages 21-24 and low initial strength, so they are talents you need to train a bit.

The propability for a 99 player is 1 of 9, the propability for a top platinum player (max 97-99) is 1 of 3, the propability for a SPECIFIC position/specialist combination is 1 of 22 (i.e. 1 of 22 players is a goalkeeper/cat), and thus the propability to get a top platinum (max 97-99) player of a specific specialist/position combination is 1 out of 66 (22 times 3).

We hope that you like what you get!