Updated misbehavior policies

Last weekend, we had to ban a user from our game because he threatened our community manager Manuel with violence. He was lucky that we did not hand this over to the police.

As the mood of many messages we received in the last months has changed in a way we believe to be inacceptable for interaction between humans, we decided to take action and modify our rules for misbehavior as follows:

  • Threatening leads to immediate lifetime ban.
  • Insulting and offensive words are considered as misbehavior, but also explicit language can now lead to warnings.
  • Libel and slander, spreading conspiracy theories (like: Ludetis manipulates matches in favor of specific teams or clans) are considered as misbehavior. (new)
  • Losing matches by intent is misbehavior as before.
  • Using multiple accounts to get a measurable advantage is misbehavior.

Misbehavior is followed by a yellow card shown in the team emblem for 6 months. But the card stays, it’s just invisible.

A second yellow card means yellow-red and leads to a ban for 15 days.

Another misbehavior during a temporary ban or severe misbehavior leads to lifetime ban.

A warning message will be added to the feedback screen in the Android app in the next update.

Please support us in keeping the game fair play and enjoyable for all of us, thank you!