Update News!

The next KiO update will be published on june 8th. These are the changes, mostly based on suggestions from you:

  • Galaxy Cup Winners will get access passes for the following Galaxy Cup. Notice: If such a team also qualifies for Universe Cup, the Galaxy Cup pass will be removed, as one team may only play one of the great saturday cups.
  • We add Egypt as playable country. Egyptian teams may join Earh, World or Africa league.
  • Whenever you get a new player, you’ll see him in a large dialog with all details, and not just a tiny popup. This way, you can immediately see everything about your new player without searching him in the players list. This will only be available on Android phones for now.
  • Some fixes and minor changes, mostly for the KiO Worldcup which will start next week.
  • There will be NO change to Clan Cups. We are still discussing this topic. By the way thank you for all the feedback! We are trying to find a solution which is good for ALL managers.

Pack Special

Say goodbye to May (ha ha!): This weekend you get three Brexits … no, ruby! for free for each pack purchase (until monday, midnight CEST).

By the way: Season pack contents will remain unchanged to June, 1st.