Spring News

Welcome to the Spring edition of KiO News! And actually welcome to spring itself, at least here in Germany.

First of all, we are today introducing the new Season Pack Spring:

The new Season Pack contains NO player and of course no „Après Ski“ sponsor event. Instead, it brings you one prolongation item (which makes senior players stay one season longer, normally this item is not available in packs or shops). Furthermore, the pack still contains 11 talent points – and an all new sponsor event which rewards you with another 11 talent points if you solve it. But here comes a special twist: As long as you have this special „sponsored“ challenge (up to 24 hours), your morale maximum is increased by 2. Yes, this means that you can reach morale 12 or 13 at least for a day! Of course this requires that you don’t solve the challenge meanwhile, so you also cannot start other challenges. You see, this is a little mind-bending, and a funny idea. As you know, we often use the Season Pack to test new stuff, so make sure you tell us what you think about this! It all depends on your feedback if we keep doing stuff like that, or bring back the worldstar player in April instead.

Upcoming change to rename rule

Because of some not so funny recent events, we decided to stop allowing team renames for teams of level 30 and above. As you know, today, for those teams renaming is only permitted if their name remains recognisable. Naturally, there are many discussions about what exactly that means and if a certain name should be allowed or not. And if we DO allow such a name change, shortly after other teams ask why their rename wishes have been denied. To make this easier for all of us, the rename item will not be purchasable and not usable for teams of level 30 and higher starting with the next update (mid of march). Until then, you have the last chance to change your name (if it stays recognizable). I am quite sure that you understand why we do this. And this brings us to the …

March update

Scheduled for release next weekend (march 10th), the new version will bring one new feature, that’s the Clan Agent.

You get the clan agent automatically if you are in a clan (or once you join a clan). He shows up in your inventory under personell. You can use (activate) him up to once a day when you have no challenge to get a special challenge. This challenge will ask you to win 2 standard tournaments (Junior to Platinum, depending on your level), and the reward is 2 points for your clan score. So once you activate your clan agent, you play for your clan!

This allows clans to earn up to 2 points per member and day additionally, so 14 points per member per season. If all top 7 members solve their Clan Agent challenges each day, this makes 98 points in total, an obviously relevant number of points!

Furthermore, we are going to add a new clan challenge to the existing three, asking your whole clan to score a huge number of goals that day. This new challenge will be added to the schedule, so your clan gets all four challenges twice each season, but one them only once. We are sure this adds more fun to the clan championship.