KiO Week Season 414

We have some important news to share, so it’s time for another issue of KiO Week.

Pot B

Today we introduce a „pot b“ for all elimination (KO) tournaments. All bot teams are put into that pot before the draw of the first round, and the result is that in that round a bot plays a non-bot team whenever possible. This means that no real team can reach a final match just by beating bots while other teams have to play other real opponents in all rounds. We are introducing this today for standard tournaments and on sunday for the league cups. This is an improvement suggested by the community.

Furthermore, this allows us to give 50 clan score points to the loser of league cup finals. We did not do this until now, because sometimes the loser of the final had only beaten bots or low strength teams, but in the future that cannot happen anymore due to the „pot b“ draw. We are sure you like this change.

Autumn Cup

Summer is gone, say welcome to autumn! So we’re going to start a large tournament special today running until october 18th: Join the Autumn cup and win a free training camp! To give not-so-strong teams a chance, the tournaments are held with random max strength values. Have fun!