No more sub clans

During the last days, there were indication of potentially manipulated matches between members of the clans RU and RU.PP. To those who don’t know: RU.PP was a sub clan of RU with 5 members, solely created to fight for the classical clan championship. We always were in doubt if this is really a good idea, but until yesterday, we tolerated it.

Then we found a suspicious high number of cup matches between RU and RU.PP where the RU team played the „wrong“ formation. Normally, this is not considered manipulation. But the matches were many, and the circumstances different. Because of this, we closed the RU.PP clan yesterday. Even if the suspicious matches were not arranged (which the involved claim): Nobody wants that swearing, nobody wants to be named a cheater, and we as Ludetis don’t want to be named idiots who tolerate manipulation right before their eyes. This left us no other choice than to close the sub clan and prohibit the foundation of other sub clans from now on. Note that while the RU.PP clan has been removed, the members did not get yellow cards, because we considered that duplicate penalty. Alas, there were some yellow cards for insults following the decision.

You might now ask: What about PRO and SP? Aren’t they also clan and sub clan? We discussed that yesterday with the clan founders and in our team and came to the conclusion, that PRO and SP shall be considered separate clans. They split up long ago and even see each other as competition. SP has more than 5 members (5 is the ideal size if you want to go for the classical championship) and there is no indication of manipulated matches between PRO and SP. To make the separation transparent, the clan description of SP has also been changed. Thus, PRO and SP stay.

Please be aware that fair play and a peaceful intercourse in the whole community is important for us and for the game as a whole. I think we made the right decision, even if it was painful for some teams, but below the line good for the game. Note that whenever you think somebody plays unfair, or if somebody insults you, do not hesitate to contact us using an ingame message or mail. We check each case and act if we need to. We think that fair play is really important for any multiplayer game. We are confident you agree.