Warnings and Bans

It seems to us that many of you don’t realize that we do issue warnings and ban users who play unfair. For this reason, we are now changing our warning policy as follows:

Warnings and bans will be shown on the team’s emblem like this:


Warnings are issued mostly for hate speech, manipulation of league matches or multiaccount abuse. Warnings are displayed as yellow cards for 6 months.

Teams are banned temporarily if the play unfair during the validity period of a warning. The emblem will then show a yellow and a read card and those teams are banned for 15 days. The warning is prolongated for another 6 months.

Teams who have once been banned temporarily and act unfair for another time, are banned forever. Their emblem will show a red card.

That said, please understand the difference between suspicion and evidence. Whenever somebody reports an unfair behaviour, we investigate the case (this can take some days). Only if we find evidence for a real unfair activity, a warning or ban will be issued. I am sure that you all understand that nobody is punished just because of a suspicion.

And now back to more pleasant things – the game!