August Update Update

Some of you already found the August Update for Android on Google Play. Yeah, of course you can install it, but the news items, the player boosts, will show up starting this saturday.

Here come the details:

The “optimized shoes” (+1) you’ll get for 11 grey collectibles (instead of a sponsor contract) if you have stadium level 2 or higher.

Beginner teams (stadium level below 2) get the “silver boost” (+10 for players up to strength 60) for 11 orange collectibles (instead of an energy drink).

You get “player girlfriends” (+2) as reward for finishing a new “play abroad matches” challenge. Note that you won’t get that challenge if you already have some girlfriends in your inventory, you have to assign them to players first (boosting them as result).

The number of matches or goals you need in order to finish a challenge, will not depend on your current setup’s strength anymore, but on your total prestige. That applies not only to the player girlfriend challenge but to all of them.

There will also be two changed happy hours:

The treasure hunt tournament is replaced by just simply “for each victory 10% chance to get a rare collectible”. Just win 50 matches during the treasure hunt happy hour and you’ll get approx. 5 of the admired ruby or treasure collectibles.

Finally, the Morale Cup happy hour is replaced by a Rock Cup. The winner gets a rare rock concert item. This item makes its comeback after it had been abandoned from the treasure chests by public demand.


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