August Update

The August update appears Sunday, 31.8. morning on all platforms, only on Windows it will be delayed a little.

Here the informations about the August update:

The main innovation is the „Regional Tournaments„.
Regional tournaments are tournaments where you can participate if you are staying physically in the appropriate geographic region.

For this, the app is the coarse spatial coordinates query (easy for Android via WLAN-based location determination without power-hungry satellite). We will not store the spatial coordinates, plus there will be an update of the Terms and Conditions. The spatial coordinates are only evaluated to examine the tournament admission and then „forget“.

So there is a NRW-Cup, a Bavaria Cup, a AustriaCup and so on (details of the distribution, thickness limits, discharge interval, prize money etc are not fixed yet) and associated Trophies and Achievements (in example gains X Regional tournaments and win X various regional tournaments).

Important: These tournaments you can participate if you stay physically in an appropriate geographic region. This involves analyzing the current rough position (without satellite) smartphone. Because of the uncertain localization unfortunately Facebook and Windows 8 User cant participate. The Regional tournaments will be visible only to Winphones, ios and Android.

The regional cups are all discharged once per day, in the early evening to day slightly changing times (due to collision with leagues). But the cups are already visible in the afternoon, so you know when to sign up. We start on Sunday, first with the following 13 regional Cups:

Nord (Schleswig-Holstein + Hamburg)
Niedersachsen (inkl. Bremen)
Saxonia (Sachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt)
Thuringia (Thüringen)
Nordost (Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

You can see the Regional Cups only if you have at least version 5.8. The updates for Android and ios definitely come Sunday morning, WinPhone may be delayed. With Facebook and Windows 8 can not compete in Regional Cups unfortunately. Needless to say I hope is that you only see those in the regional cup tournament list that matches the current location.

The cups are NOT initially limited, and there is no gradation silver / gold / platinum. Because we want to wait for first resonance. It would be pointless to split the Cup when then per region only register three people and turn the cups. The breakdown is however possible and can occur at any time after short notice, even as early as Monday.
Of course, the winner received the golden Regional Cup. Once we split, there is also a silver and one in platinum. The new medal for winning regional tournaments but is independent of that applies to each Regional Cup no matter what „color“.

Regionaler Cup

The cups are initially limited to 16 participants, but we are pretty sure that we will change individual already Monday at 32. The game is played in KO system, entry fee is $ 100,000 K, prize money 80,000 per person (for 16 participants so 1280000), prestige for the winner +4 per participant -> 64 in base-16 tournaments. The minimum number is 4. With fewer applications, the tournament is canceled, otherwise with AIs padded to the next power of two (8 or 16).

In addition, from sunday morning you wont get allrounder or motivator randomly by using a contract. This was an explicit desire of the community.

Have fun!