KiO 4.5 for Winphone 7.5

Yesterday, we sent a major update to Microsoft which will be certified and released within the next days. The contents of
this update are as follows:


–          All Kio 4 buildings can now be build, including the academy.

–          Coach actions implemented

–          Achievements implemented

–          Championship stars on emblems implemented

–          Top list „cash“ replaced by „platin achievements“

–          A lot of bug fixes


All existing top rookie contracts will be transformed into platinum specialist rookie contracts, so that they will be upgradeable.
Old platinum rookie contracts will be transformed into platinum rookie contracts of the new style.
Important to mention is that all buyable packs will be switched with this update. From the update on, the Android packs will
be buyable via WP.
There will be no flags in the new packs anymore. And flags are going to be supported by us only a limited time
after the update. Then they will be deactivated and the only way to get lost of them is to recycle them.