February Update

Next Sunday, the February update appears to Kick it out! for Android, iOS, Win8. There will be adjustments to the simulation and the introduction of its own Kick it Out! Wiki(at the moment only in german), as well as a number of improvements in stability and usability. But see for yourself:

  • Three man defense with no man to man defender will be weakened, because there are not enough defenders. So 424 is playable too. This will boost the scissors paper stone effect.
  • Release of Official Wiki (at the moment just in german)
  • Capital list is replaced by the list of most platinum Achievement medals.
  • Some Changes in the challenges
  • Adjustment / addition to the existing tutorials by a thick, flashing arrow that shows where to click. The secretary and her text are displayed as an overlay.
  • Android: visual revision of some dialogs, eg „Challenge managed“ with „fireworks“ effect and Sounds. Note: New messages appear at the bottom of the screen and in the Team Information Department on the Main Screen.
  • Android: beginners will start again with the 3D screen. The simplified screen with the buttons is maintained.
  • Android: click on the news ticker leads to the Kio magazine.
  • Android: 2 more icons on bigger devices on the Main Screen
  • Upgrade to top-platinum contracts in Academy only with> = 2000 prestige possible
  • Possible failure of activation, if there are more than 5 motivators in the team. The more motivators you have, the more failures. This rule has been introduced to prevent teams from having 10-15 motivators who never actually play, which is obviously not what they are ment to.
  • Rock concert: Prestige is increased by a factor of 2.5
  • new playable Country: Azerbaijan (East Europe League)
  • Limiting the number of usable construction crews out
  • iOS: Features the January update and some bug fixes

Have fun!