KiO boycotts Russia

We, Ludetis, protest against the Russian attack on Ukraine with a boycott. Even if this is partly symbolic, we declare our solidarity with Ukraine and underline the worldwide isolation into which the megalomaniac Putin has led his country through his barbaric attack. Measures that UEFA and FIFA cannot yet agree on, such as the exclusion of Russian teams from all competitions, we will enforce immediately. That means, translated into the KiO world:

  • The Russian league is closed. Teams that were already registered can register in another league. These teams have received free relocation items. There are still enough free places in first leagues, so you are not at a disadvantage.
  • We are taking all our apps off the Play Store in Russia.
  • In due course we’ll donate EUR 500 from our sales proceeds to a humanitarian charity

We hope that the nightmare in Ukraine will end as soon as possible. Sport is powerful. It must not stand by while peace and international law are trampled underfoot by power-hungry politicians.


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