KiO Week Season 391: Update Time

Welcome to another issue of KiO Week! Of course our main topic this week is the new update which will be released this sunday. Here is a list of the improvements:

– On the occasion of the update, you receive 3 free ruby for each pack purchase from friday (12 CEST) until monday (24:00 CEST).

– new Icon for „saved in any setup“. So even if a player is not currently setup, but part of any setup saved with the assistant coach, you can see that easily.

– Vibration shortly before league matches and first round tournament matches (can be switched off on the profile screen)

– Bugfix: Enlightenment boosts work for players with strength 100

– Bugfix: Missing Season numbers added to list of previous clan champions

– you are not forced to go the the before match screen if you are just looking at your opponent’s team screen

– Allowed number of teams per device reduced to 5 due to recent farming abuse

– Bugfix: removed wrong information of the personal assistant insisting your setup is faulty but it isn’t

– If you miss a league or tournament match, the KiO icon on the Android launcher screen shows a red round „1“ (works on most devices)

– After bankruptcy, to refurbish decayed buildings, you can use a single new special worker from the premium shop to repair everything including the stadium in one step.

As promised, the update after this one will bring more important improvements. Furthermore, in June we will have the yearly KiO world championship. So, we’re still pretty much alive, don’t believe people telling you the opposite. See you in the game!