KiO 7.4 – 3rd Preview

In this update-preview of KiO 7.4 we would like to introduce you the new Level System! A friendly Reminder: The update appears at the 19. June for Windows Phone and Android.
The level depends directly from the Prestige, with higher and higher jumps the further you progressed, for example Level 10 is achieved with 380 Prestige, Level 20 with 3750 Prestige, Level 30 with 32.000 and Prestige Level 40 with 280.000 Prestige.

kio 7.4 neuer Kopfbereich

New teams will start with the Level 0.
At each level up you get 10 rubies! Store items are bound to the level, as well as the frequency of certain challenges. Beginners will get first level free items per each win. With the new level system the whole game is clear for beginners and for this group of players, there is an additional motivation, each to reach the next level.

Additional Powergamer have no disadvantage, since nothing changes for them, except that they will get at each new level 10 rubies.

Please note that version 7.4 preliminarily not appear for ios. This means that ios users doesnt see levels except in a message at Level-up – but they receive the appropriate rewards rubies.