New system in the beginner leagues

With the today’s update we want to introduce you the new system for the beginner leagues.

All participants of the Beginner Leagues have already received their licenses for the new Silver League.
This new beginner leagues always start Sundays. When a group is full, it will start automatically a new one.
All of these new leagues are equal, it involves first leagues.
Next Week Sunday, so on 27.12. the first gold Leagues will start for the participants of the Silver Leagues.
And now the clou: The championship in a Silver or Gold League has a normal priority, it eligible for the UC, obtained a champion star and possibly a medal.
The Places 2-5 in the Silver / Gold League entitle to participate in the Galaxy Cup. Starting places are enough available.
Of course, Silver / Gold leagues require appropriate licenses. If you havent one of them (ie, in particular all inventory users), you wont see these leagues.

Have fun!

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