Round of the last 16 in Clan Cup

After some delay, all matches were played from the last round.

-FR- France 98 – TRM domnitsch 1:3
CLUB BENNY l KL – -PRO- Devil Dark 2:3
TRM Rolling Thunder FC – BMC Kickers 21 3:1
-PRO- Caen Kylian34 – -DE- Cologne Kickers I BRO 1:0
-PRO- Dynamite Dresden – Naitsab l KL 1:1 -> 2:3
TRM Rumpelfuss – Barmbek Fc I KL 3:1
BMC Kölle 1948 – -PRO- Blades World Tour 2:2 -> 3:1
TRM EDDSCHI THE SNIPER – -FR- Baraque à frites AOC 1:0
-FR- Incontestable 93 – -PRO- Black widow 1:1 -> 1:4
-DE- Brittchen – -DE- SaXonS HaLLa 0:1
-PRO- Cross Valley Titans – BMC Badenpower KSC 1:2
-FR- Redbull Allstars SSJ4 – -FR- Ladeutchmanstyle 1:1 -> 2:3
-FR- Breizh Lions AOC – -PRO- Cannes AS 06 0:0 -> 1:2
TRM EL Paso – BMC BVB Bottrop 1:0
-GSE- 1.FC Germania 09 – -DE- FC Flying Dutchman 0:1
-GSE- The Last Samurai – -FR- Pays de Savoie 3:2

The result is the following matchups for the next round:

TRM domnitsch – -PRO- Devil Dark

TRM Rolling Thunder FC – -PRO- Caen Kylian34

Naitsab l KL – TRM Rumpelfuss


-PRO- Black widow – -DE- SaXonS HaLLa

BMC Badenpower KSC – -FR- Ladeutchmanstyle

-PRO- Cannes AS 06 – TRM EL Paso

-DE- FC Flying Dutchman – -GSE- The Last Samurai

You have to play one match. If this is a remis you have to play another match.
You have time till monday, 15.06.2015.
The first named player post the result in this topic.

Because of the last delay there is one extra rule:
If both teams don’t play till monday they get a disqualification. The next opponent get a free round.

Have fun!

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