2015 Clan Cups!

We are about to start this year’s round of the KiO Clan Cups. Here’s how it works:

Until may 25th, send a message to support@ludetis.de stating that your clan wants to participate, and list up to 8 teams (if your clan has more teams, it’s up to your clan to define which 8 teams may participate). We will then create groups of four (if possible only one team per clan in each group). Then you have one week to play two friendly matches against each other team in your group. You can organize this using forum or instant messaging, it’s up to you. Report results in our new forum thread. All group winners and runners-up will participate in the elimination rounds, and the winner of the finals will be the new KiO Clan World Champion! Also, all points will be calculated for all clans, and the clan with most points is the 2015 Top KiO Clan! Of course there will be hugeprice payouts for all winners (details soon).

If you want to participate but are not member of a clan: Visit our wiki, have a look at the clans list, and ask the leader to become a member (you can also do this in our forum as most clans have a thread there).

If you want to participate and set up a new clan: Visit our wiki and check the preconditions (i.e. you need 5 teams to found a clan), then contact our community manager at support@ludetis.de and we’ll do the rest.

Now have fun in the 2015 KiO Clan Cups and let’s find who’s the best!