Changes to team name rules

Recent events force us to introduce additional rules to team names as follows:

  • political statements of any color (including „Je suis…“)
  • religion (be it Abu Bakr or Jesus Christ)
  • brand names (Red Bull, Emirates…)
  • statements or requests (like: do not play 541 or: I don’t like this game
  • like before: insults or explicit language
  • names of existing teams, even if you change a couple of letters. So Real Madrid is not allowed and neither is Boka Juniors.
  • In other cases not listed here, we reserve the right to refuse the renaming.

Note that rename items are not returned if we reject a team name because of the above reasons.

If you want to publish a political or other statement, please do this on social networks or in the offtopic section of our forum. Please understand that team names are not the correct place for stuff like that and we need to keep them as neutral as possible.

We are going to change existing team names which violate the above rules as soon as we notice them or when they are reported.

Thank you for your understanding.