Change to mascot challenges

Mascot challenges now occur more frequently and their propability is independant on how many mascots you already have.
Mascots now always are granted in the order Sheep Bob (bonus 1), Karlo Kick (bonus 2), Gonzalo Gorilla (3), Berti Beer (4), Golden Goal (5).
This gives everybody the chance to get all mascots. BUT we increased the difficulty for the mascot challenges by reducing their running time, because it should not be too easy to gain the highest mascot bonus. The more mascots you already have, the less time you have to solve the challenge for the next. Furthermore, better mascots have a reduced validity time (2-3 months).
To prevent the case that you get a short running challenge when you are offline but have a league match (at night), challenges are now only generated if you are online. So don’t put away your device before a match report has finished, because you might get a challenge.
Good news for owners of bonus 1 mascots given out end of last year: Those teams now also get mascot challenges and receive mascots with higher bonusses. In such a case any existing bonus 1 mascot of the same name is replaced by the new one.
All changes are already in place now.