Restructing of the packs!

From the 11/01/2014 all items will be unlimited available in the ingame shop.
The only exception is (for now) the treasure chest (because of the associated enlightenment -> Monster risk).
This means in particular that rookie points will be purchasable for unlimited rubies: 4 Rubies for 1 rookie point, 39 rubies for 10 rookie points.
In addition, at the same time also disappears the Tools Pack, and a large ruby-Pack will be available.

The “old” packs (Season, Player, Booster) initially remain at the store, although they are not really needed. Most things are cheaper to buy via rubies (because you do not “ballast” buys).

Other changes are there with KiO 6.0 (scheduled for 30.11.), in example the Rare Items will be revised so that the treasure chest will be available in the shop, and the challenges will be changed (so that the Scout RF-slightly more often comes).
We will announce exact details to KiO 6 in November.

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