Rules change effective april 13th

Due to continued criticism we are going to change the rules to morale and tactics on April 13th as follows.

  • Regular morale change each 333 minutes instead of 2 hours. You will keep some of your morale points until the next day.
  • Lowest morale will be 0 and not -10
  • You can gain a morale point with a certain propability each time you win a game dependant on the strength difference of you and your opponent and match type (Friendly/tournament/league). This propability is increased if you have a motivator in the game. Additional motivators are redundant. The activation button will be removed, as you get your morale point immediatelyl
  • Won tournament +1 (no change)
  • Mascot effect (no change)
  • No more morale -5 if you sell or kick a motivator. This rule is already in place.
  • +10 for championship or qualification for a higher league, -10 for relegation as before. Note though that even -10 will not lower your morale below 0.
  • Risk of morale loss if a player plays in a low class tournament (no change)
    • Furthermore we are going to reduce the influence of the paper-scissors-rock system to roundabout 40:60 ~ 45:55. This means that morale, better players or coach actions will have more influence than choosing the counter tactics. Nobody shall feel forced to be online just before a match starts.

      While these changes are all server-side only, there will be an intermediate update for all systems in the next days reflecting the changes in the ingame rules texts.

      We are sure that this changes will bring back a lot of fun many gamers state to have lost in the last weeks.