Clan Cups in April

We are now starting the official Clan Tournaments!

Here are the rules.

1. To participate, a clan has to be listed on the official clans page in the wiki.
2. Each clan who wants to participate defines an organizer.
3. The organizer contacts our community manager Manuel using kik, pn or ingame feedback until next sunday, april 6th. This adds his clan to the list of participating clans.
4. Until april 27th the participating clans play the tournaments. It’s up to you how you do that. Obviously only members of a clan are allowed to join a clan tournament. Please make schedules and results available either here on the forum or on your clan homepage if you have one.
5. Until april 27th, the organizer sends the names of winner and runner-up to the community manager.
6. We will award all winners with two special packs and runners-up with one special pack. Furthermore, the winner gets the silver Clan Cups Achievement (you need 10 clan cups for gold and 100 for platinum).
7. Winner and runner-up qualify for the great clan cup final tournament which will take place during this year’s world cup in brazil. The winner of the final tournament gets a special prize.

Two more clan tournaments will follow during may and june. Of course each clan may participate each month in order to send as many winners to the finals as possible.

If you would like to join (or to establish) a clan, please read about the topic on the wiki.