Team Morale

The most important new feature in Kick it out! 5.0 will be team morale.

Team morale is a value from -10 to +10 and describes the morale, motivation, harmony in your whole team.

Morale is not a strength boost. If your team has strength 99, it will still have strength 99 even if it has morale +10. But in the matches, your strikers will shoot more often, your goalie will have better saves and so on.

Of course morale changes due to certain events:

  • morale is increased slowly over time as long as it is below zero, and it falls slowly over time as long as it is over zero. This way, no team can retain a morale of say +10 for a whole season too easy.
  • -2 when you loose with 4 or more goals difference, -4 for 8 or more goals difference, this is halved in friendly matches since dec, 21st
  • +1 if you win a league match against a team which is better than yours in the table
  • -1 if you win a league match against a team which is worse than yours in the table
  • +1 if you win any tournament
  • +10 for winning a championship or qualifying for a higher league
  • -10 for being relegated
  • whenever a player plays in a lower class tournament (i.e. a platinum player in a Amateur Cup), a -1 morale can happen. The more you do this, and the more players do, the more it will happen.
  • If you have mascots and superstitious players, after a won match sometimes a dialog pops up which gives you 10 seconds to tap a certain button. If you do, you get +1 morale. The more superstitious players played, the more likely this is.
  • The new Motivator specialist has a button which gives +1 morale once a day if you press it.
  • -5 if a motivator leaves the team (transfer, kicked, resigning).

You see that team morale adds a whole new game dimension to Kick it out. Because it was inspired by the community, and it just rewards activity and skillful play, it’s a very fair feature. You cannot buy +10 morale as an item for real money. In a league season, 16 teams might all have strength 99 and specialist rating 4 or 5, and play the same formation – but the will never all have +10 morale. So morale reduces the influence of the random generator and it really makes a difference if you only join a league on sunday and then on friday just check how you played, or if you improve your morale just before the six league matches start or even in between.

We are sure that you’ll like it.

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