Preview: Rare Items

Kick it out! 5 will bring a brand new class of items: Rare Items. They can be found inside one of these:

Yes, that’s a treasure chest. You will get one of them in each Season Pack when KiO 5 is out, and if you win certain specials or challenges. They are really rare!

Chests work very much like presents or surprises. You activate them and get an item. In this case, a Rare Item. Rare items are powerful and do things no other item in the game can do.

Rock Concert: Activate to have a music event in your stadium! You get a share of entry fees and  prestige

Concentrated Feed: Activate to open. When activated, player improvement propability during matches is increased for 12 hours

Enlightenment: Activate to increase strength max and strength of a random superstitious player by 1.


During special events, those rare items will also be available for free and not only in the Season Pack.