Server maintenance

Due to a database problem, the game server is currently offline. We are currently repairing it, but this might take a while.


Unfortunately we had to create a rather complicated script in order to repair defective inventory and squad data. This took us a few hours, because it really was a hard task. The script is now running, but is has to deal with 15 million rows of data, which will be finished sometime this night. This means that we can only restart the game tomorrow in the morning after we checked if everything looks right. League matches will be postponed. We are quite sure that in spite of our repair script some of you will be affected by faults like missing or extra inventory or players. Please use ONLY ingame feedback for complaints. One thing: if you are just missing 2 or 3 cap’s or if you have 3-4 extra crystal balls, please just take it as it is. We did write the script in a way that more teams will have extra items than missing items. Furthermore, when everything is on the right track again, we will start a special for compensation. Also we are going to take measures to improve stability of our systems. But number one priority is currently the restart of the game. Thank you for your patience and good night.

Final information:

The server is back online since wednesday early morning. If you miss items or players, please contact support with all details using the ingame feedback form. Please be aware that due to the huge amount of feedback it can take some hours until your inventory is fixed. If you find additional items you may keep them.

We apologize for the downtime and damage and asure you that we are planning high priority measures to prevent such things from happening again.