June Update

Like each month June will bring another KiO update.
The following new features are planned:

– Additional information and warnings about upkeep*
– More interesting news in the ticker*
– recycling of relocation item*
– teams who already have a UC pass cannot enter a UC qualifier*
– for 30 days, each day new teams visit their office they get a free sponsor contract*

EDIT: Three more things that came up…

– Counter Ace will be improved (more goal shots) due to popular demand
– Sponsor Event Challenge „join organized tournaments“ will be removed due to popular demand
– Transfer of a specific player to another team and back to the previous owner will be prevented to stop the unwanted restarting of auctions.
– Coach Action „Overstrain“ changes as follows: „Players get +5 and 2-4 players loose all their health“
– Energy drinks only affect players with health higher than 30 and lower than 95

AND the most important thing:

Start of the Open Beta of the tablet version. More information will follow.

The June Update is scheduled for release on the last June weekend.

All changes with * are Android only. The other platforms will get the updates later.