3 Years Kick it out! Special and Ramble

We released Kick it out! 1.0 on the 27th of may 2010. Three years of Kick it out and we won’t stop!
Of course we celebrate our birthday with great specials.

We are running special birthday tournaments each 10 minutes until tuesday evening. Winners get not only THREE million cash but also THREE free players! They are randomly generated with max strength between 41 and 99 and they can even become specialists! Runners-up get cash and ONE free player.
Birthday tournaments are running in knockout mode with 32 participants and random max strength, so everybody has a chance.

Also there is a great special ramble for free2play managers out there! Answer our question until monday, 23:59 CEST and with a bit of luck win one of 50 free coaches! Send your answer with the ingame feedback (bugreport) feature inside the game. And here’s your question: Which team won the most KiO Universe Cups?