Preview March Update

The march update for Android will come on April 7th. It brings us the following changes:

  • Recycling – allows to remove some types of items in exchange for small amounts of money. Example: Flags, socks, workers, villa, jet.
  • Coach Action change: „Ritual“ will be changed to mascot bonus x3 instead of x2.
  • Coach Action change: „Accuracy“ will be changed to -50% shots, +50% shot quality
  • Coach Action change: „Fortify“ will be changed to -50% opponent shots and crossings, -75% own shots
  • Simulation update: 5-4-1 will get the ability to counterattack. Whenever an opponent attacker looses the ball, you can get a counterattack. This improves 5-4-1 and makes it more playable compared to the other tactics.
  • Prestige max in JC/JL/AC/AL because those tournaments shall be reserved for beginners who currently are bashed by pro teams looking for easy prestige collection all the time. Details are still unclear.
  • Beginner League for free2play users, can be joined once. Beginner Leagues start when full but not on friday thru sunday and all end on saturday morning (this obviously means different round intervals). Obviously this is irrelevant for most users on this forum.

The ios update will come in April, but actually most stuff is done on the server, so only Recycling and the Beginner League will be missing. There will also be a Winphone 7 update of KiO 3 including Recycling, Prestige Max and Beginner League.