Update February

NOTICE: If you were affected by the bug which a produced a low auction fee, please use ingame feedback to contact support, they will give you the money you miss.

The main new feature of the february update is the reverse auction.

  • Players that are put on the transfermarket for more then 200% will be automaticly reverse auctions (it will be displayed). That also means, that you can’t start an auction without the scout.
  • The maximum is increased to 500%
  • There will be new filters for the transfermarket : “auctions only”, “no auctions” and “all”
  • reverse auctions will be maked. The buy button has a hammer, there are arrows next to the price and they will have a different background color (see picture)
  • The price will be lowered every 6 minutes by 1% and the new price will be displayed
  • If a player reached 20% of its value he will be removed from the fransfer list and will receive an offer from an AI team (except for platinum players).
  • Everything else will work as it’s used to.
  • Players who are in a reverse auction can’t be withdrawn from the transfer list. They are not taken down from the transferlist automatically although their value changed (eg by gaining quality or loosing a +)
  • You can’t make an offer for players who are in a reverse auction. If a team scouted a player before the reverse auction started and is making an offer he will receive an error.
  • auction fee: There will be a 1% fee. The previous owner of the player will receive the money the player was bought for minus 1% of that value
  • There will be no transfer restriction (explanation: in some discussions in the german forum there was the suggestion to implement a restriction. It would have worked like this: the transfered player is not able to be retransferred to any other team for one week, to avoid that players are sold for more than 300%. But as I said this will not be implemented, because Uwe analyzed the transfer market and checked some teams behaviour without any results.)
  • Every player can be put on the transfer list for the max. percentage (currently only players above Q85 could be sold for the max.)
  • There will be new searching parameters for the transferlist: Speciallists , left/right/both feet, number of +’s (requires scout)
  • The current value of a player who is auctioned will be displayed in the players profile
  • If a player is bought the value and percentage factor are sent to both teams.

Furthermore, there is a new coach action replacing “take it easy”:

  • Ritual – Mascot bonus is doubled

Simple and cool, right? This allows teams to reach magic 111 strength. Now go and buy superstitious players as long as they are still cheap!

There is more:

  • Coach actions can be planned for league matches beforehand. This costs extra CAP. So you don’t need to be online in the right moment
  • Enriched match report. You see each goal shot, and a specialist rating from 0 to 5 showing how many good specialists a team had.
  • Adjusted match simulation: Midfield players have more influence on ball possession.

Now have fun with the new version!




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