Update January

The January update brings new features:

1. Achievements
There is a new screen showing your achivements.

Most achievements come as silver/gold/platinum. For example to get the Junior Cup medal in silver, you have to win one Junior Cup, for Gold 50 and for Platinum 1000.
There are 24 achievements. Most are calculated retrospectively, so if you already won a Junior Cup in the past, you automatically get the silver JC medal. Unfortunatelly this is not possible for some achievements (marked with a *), which will be counted starting with the update, but for ALL teams, not only the Android users.
Achievements of other teams will be visible on the other team screen.
Furthermore, we are taking the opportunity and correct the championship stars calculation. Note that the backwards calculation of league related achievements is delayed. Please be patient until you see all your achievements.

2. Player specialists will be visible from strength 40, not 50. Applies to ios and winphone also.

3. The regular Cups will be split in strength ranges of ten as follows: Amateur Cup A/B/C (max 50/60/70), Kio Cup A/B (max 80/90), Junior Cup A/B (max 30/40). Applies to all platforms.

4. New coach actions: „Fortify“ gives your defenders a bonus but increases their exhaustion. Being a „small“ version of „overstrain“, this costs only 1 CAP. The other action is „take it easy“, giving players -10 and low exhaustion. Both actions require certain coach XP.

5. New challenges: „Score at least 5 goals in each of 10 matches“ (reward 3 CAP) and „Win 5 away matches in a row“ (reward 2 rookie talent points). This is for all users.

6. New promo campaign with the new version of our Fantasy Hotel Manager game „Santa Daemonica“.

7. Player strength will be cut to tournament max BEFORE applying their health. This means that you cannot play for example all AC matches with Q70 if you have somehow setup 11 Q90 players. After the first match, the exhaustion of 2 will apply and make the players Q69 (70*98%), and Q67 in the third. This also means you cannot „play down“ your team anymore, register for a lower Q cup and then play with that cup’s maximum strength.

Why is my team’s strength reduced when joining a cup?

Example: You have a Q90 team, some players have Q above 90 and some below. You join a KiO Cup. Now, all players with strength above 90 are limited to 90. Together with your players below 90, your average team Q is reduced below 90.

If you want to play exactly with the Q maximum in a cup (at least the first round before exhaustion comes in), all of your players would have to have exactly strength equal to that cup’s maximum.

We did this change because of many user complaints about this and other tricks which made especially the Amateur Cup quite boring. Now it’s harder to play with a cup’s maximum strength, making those cups more interesting.

As you see we bring to life many proposals from the community. We are sure  you like the new update.