Changes To Clan Scoring Season 598

As you know, we have been thinking about changes to the clan scoring system for a very long time and can now announce a list of extensively discussed and well thought out changes that will come into effect for the upcoming season 598:

  • There will be seven different clan challenges in future, and a different one every day. These challenges are:
    Win 10 tournaments, play 100 games, score 250 goals, and NEW: play 20x in front of a sell-out crowd, win 10x with 4-2-4, play 25x against friends, score 50 specialist goals.
  • In future, the requiremens of the challenges will be the same for all clans and will no longer depend on the placings of the previous weeks or other parameters, as this rule repeatedly led to resentment and is no longer necessary from our point of view to make it more difficult for only one clan to become clan master at a time.
  • Clans will now only receive 10 points for each challenge they complete (i.e. a maximum of 70 per season). There are no more extra points for completing challenges twice. Since the challenges are easier, they must naturally result in fewer points.

This means that the clan challenges will be much easier in future and they will no longer tempt you to play for hours and hours, which is in nobody’s interest. Any clan with even a minimum of ambition will be able to do them, and even very small clans will be able to solve one or the other of these challenges and score points that way. Of course, the significance for the clan championship is smaller, but we didn’t want to abolish the clan HF altogether; that would have disturbed many fellow players.

Instead, there is a new possibility to get points for your clans according to the motto „all for one“, namely in the Clan Duels Friendship Games Lounge, which you already know. The following rules apply:

  • In future, the Clan Duels Friendlies Lounge will only be open from 6 p.m. to midnight, i.e. during the time when a particularly large number of managers are active. This way you don’t have to wait long or even for free. (We will adjust these times in future if it makes sense. For technical reasons, we will probably test this restriction in the course of the week).
  • You will receive 1 clan score point per victory in the Clan Duels Lounge.
  • But you will receive a maximum of 10 points per team and day. So, since only the best 7 teams of each clan ever contribute to the total score, a maximum of 70 points per clan and day is achievable, so 490 points per season for each clan. This is roughly the order of magnitude of the points for the old clan challenges.
  • Only a win against the same opponent counts (it can still happen that you are paired against this opponent, because HE could still get the point by winning!). This prevents someone from trying to get the 10 points all against a second team. Of course, such an attempt will be punished as multiaccount abuse, please don’t even try it and play fair! (You can still compete in the lounge if you have already collected 10 points, but you will not get any more points. You have to watch yourselves when this is the case).
  • In the event of a draw, no team will receive a clanscore point. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs do not exist in friendly matches.

We are introducing this innovation expressly on a trial basis. We appreciate any feedback once you have tried out the new scoring system. We are sure that these new rules will be more fun, fairer and eliminate the unpleasant side effects of the previous scoring system.

Of course, we are making every effort to put the new rules into operation cleanly and smoothly at the right time. Since this is a complicated change, we ask for your understanding in advance if there are any delays. Thank you very much!

With sporting greetings

The players from the development forum and your Ludetis team

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