Announcing Kick it out Summer Update

On august 20th we are going to release the latest and of course coolest summer update of all times.

We are introducing the KiO U21 Cup as all new regular tournament!

The rules are as simple as this:

  1. A valid U21 team has more players aged max 21 than not (at least 6, and at most 5 older players).
  2. All U21 tournaments are played with low tactical emphasis to make sure that U21 player strength counts much more than guessing tactics.
  3. Winners and runners-up win Talent points.

Obviously you need to build a strong U21 team to participate successfully. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do that or not. There surely is a good reward, because talent points are otherwise hard to collect, and as soon as many teams have a strong U21 team, we would like to extend the tournament system, add according challenges or whatever we (or you!) come up with.

The setup screen will show a new blue U21 icon on each player ages 21 or less and will also show a blue number if you have a valid U21 setup at its bottom.

Away rule

As you propably saw, the poll about keeping or abandoning the away goals rule is still online until next week, but the result seems to be unambiguous already. So we will propyble abandon the rule beginning with season 565.


Yes, there’s more: We are going to add a couple of new patterns for your emblems to choose from. Those we are going to show next week when the update comes.

Until then, thanks for playing!

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