Fall Update 10.2

Kick it out! 10.2 will come on october 31st.

It will introduce the following improvements:

  • The counter ace specialists will be improved so that they are a good choice in 541/4231 formations, mostly even better than header formations (of course depending on opponent’s setup).
  • The clan challenge requirements will depend on the clan’s average position in the 10 last seasons instead of only the last season. This will make the clan championship more interesting because all top clans will have roughly the same requirements in each season.
  • The Player Pack will be upgraded on november 1st: It will contain 2 and not only 1 top platinum player. The third player will become a potential gold to platinum (max 81-99) instead of silver to platinum (max strength 61-99).
  • The archivist will have a list of the Clan Master Cup winner teams.
  • World Cup collectibles can be recycled.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

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