Final poll about paper-scissors-rock system

As you know, we adjusted the papar-scissor-rock (PSR) system according to the results of the poll held in autumn. As there is some controversity about the currently active configuration (which is statistically between 70-80% win loss ratio for the right counter formation in elimination matches, and due to draws 10-15% less in league mode matches), we not start a new poll to ensure that the now configured values are really like the majority wants. If not, we are going to change them again.

For the sake of simplicity, there is only a german version of the poll, but it will be easy for you to find the desired option, just look for the percentages.

There are additional explainations which I translate for you here.

  1. If you want EVEN LESS paper-scissors-rock influence, team strength, morale and the exact setup become even more important. That said, in tight matches with nearly equal strength teams, setup details become the most important aspect and often luck influence is higher than the PSR’s.
  2. The current configuration has one big advantage to consider: You lose rarely against teams with significantly lower strength or morale just because they chose the right formation against yours. In tight matches, PSR and setup details and luck define the winner.
  3. If you want more PSR influence than now, please note that it will become more likely that you lose against weak teams just because they guess the right formation. Don’t blame us if that happens and you choose this option! Setup details will only be relevant in matches without PSR (both teams play the same PSR formation, like 442 vs 442 or 532 vs 343).
  4. If you want the highest possible PSR influence, you should propably just enter a tactical league (Continental Leagues, World League). If you choose the forth option, you basically say that ALL matches should be played with counter formation emphasis (or „tactical“). In this case, you can lose against very weak teams without morale just because they guess the right formation, and setup details are only relevant if both teams play the same formation.

Now give us your vote. The poll is open until friday, and we will publish the results shortly after. If needed, we will then adjust the simulation again as fast as possible, but please understand that it can take some days until we find a configiration with stable statistics.

Go to the poll!