KiO Week: Season 401

Welcome to the end of the season 401! It’s KiO World Cup time, and this means: If you managed to qualify for the group phase, get ready and open the tournaments screen on saturday 15 CEST!

The server will start generating the group phase tournaments shortly after 15 CEST, one after another, so not all groups will take place at the same time. Everybody will be able to watch the groups by pressing the eye button!

The group phase tournaments will be played in league mode, so each team has three matches. Winner and runner-up will get the access pass for the final tournament which takes place next saturday.

Some important things to know: If a team should fail to join your group of four, it will be replaced by a bot. Good for you. But if TWO or more teams fail to show up, the tournament might be cancelled. The one or two teams who joined the tournament will receive tournament passes for the final tournament without having to play. This will be done MANUALLY, but only on monday, because we are not in the office this weekend. Don’t be afraid, you won’t be forgotten and you will get your pass sooner or later!

And one last thing: If place 2 and 3 have exactly the same points, goal difference and scored goals, the random generator will decide who advances to the final tournament. So this does not depend on how the duel between those two teams in question ended, and also our server has no fair play scoring like FIFA has.

If you joined our Kicktipp game, don’t forget to submit your guess for the Worldcup quarter finals today!

Now, enjoy the rest of the season and both World Cups!

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