Kick it out 8.1 is here

KiO 8.1 was published on sunday, 26th feb.

Let us first summarize the well-known improvements:

New happy hours, among them „a talent point for each succesful training“ and „no exhaustion in friendly matches“. Other happy hours are discontinued. Some shop offers will also change.

New emblem patterns (invented by users last month)

Extended archivist. Not yet disclosed was that he will also show all Regional Cups.

Team screen shows league the team plays in (linked to the league screen)

Setup slots can be renamed (not on Windows)

These changes mostly are based on suggestions and wishes by YOU, the community!

There are also some important gameplay adjustments:

After long discussions with many clans, we came up with another change to the clan championship: Only the scores of the best 7 instead of 11 teams are taken into account. This enabled smaller clans to participate in the fight for the clan championship. At the same time, the classical clan championship is discontinued. Also, we introduce two special rules which rarely apply but shall prohibit abuse: Regular tournaments only count towards the clan score if a) teams from at least two clans participate and b) no clan has half of the participants or more. We are sure that these changes will make the clan championship more interesting.

Another important change affects energydrinks. The limitation of 95% health will be removed outside of tournaments. That way you can play tournaments just before your next league match and still bring the players to 100% fitness. This is done because of huge amounts of unused drinks in many team’s inventories.

Lastly we will make two adjustments to the simulation, also based on public demand: Crossings are increased and headers improved to score more goals with CR/HE specialist.

The second adjustment affects the 352 formation which will be improved vs. the 4231 formation. It was not too bad, but strictly worse than 541 (against which in turn 352 ist better, but 541 is less played than 4231). Now 352 should be an alternative, especially if you want to experiment with 5 midfield players.

We are sure that all this improves the game a lot. Thank YOU for your good suggestions and for playing!