Announcing KiO 10.11

12 years of Kick it out! Yes, our game left the official Beta in may 2010. About time for a great update, isn’t it?

KiO Solar Cup

Yes, we have a new great tournament!

The Solar Cup will be the new second-tier weekly tournament, while the Galaxy Cup will be moved to third rank. The net result is that both tournaments can run with 64 participants (not 128 like now) and the 6th place in the league allows for participation, too. Also, we add a last minute registration period of 5 minutes before start, open for the public to decrease the number of bot teams. While at it, we are slightly changing the schedule for the Saturday tournaments.

To be precise, the new system works as follows:

10:00-15:30 UC-Qualifiers
17:30 League Cup Finals
19:15 Clan Master Cup
20:15 Universe Cup (for league champions and qualifier winners only)
20:45 Solar Cup (for league place 2 and 3 and league cup winners, with last minute registration)
21:15 Galaxy Cup (for league place 4, 5 and 6, with last minute registration)

With this schedule, more teams can participate in the great tournaments, they do not interfere with clan cups and the last matches of leagues are more important.

Let’s find out who will be the first Solar Cup Winner on June 4th!

Team Events

We are also introducing a new rare item, the Team Event:

You can activate a team event any time (it becomes colorful then) to increase the morale maximum of your team by one for the next 90 minutes! Then the item vanishes.

Multiple active team events add up, but the morale maximum can never exceed 13. There are two very important things to note:

  1. Team Events cannot be combined with Spring Awakenings. That said, they CAN be combined with the Motivator coach, so if you have him, you only need zwei team events to reach the maximum fo 13.
  2. Activations do NOT increase the morale, only the maximum. You need to raise morale the usual way as long as the active event remains to get advantage from it.

Team Events will show up in platinum treasure chests. They replace half of the magic shoes in there, which means that rarity of other items does not change. Also, there will be Team Events in the summer season pack available june 1st.

Team Events are made for the most important matches! You’d propably want to activate them before the last league match or the Universe Cup. Remember you need time to actually raise your morale by winning tournaments before your important event actually starts.


The updated app is scheduled for release on may 30th. It will also include the translated version of the new KiO manual which is available as PDF. This replaces the old wiki.

Thanks for playing and let’s have fun together for another 12 years of Kick it out!



Changes To Clan Scoring Season 598

As you know, we have been thinking about changes to the clan scoring system for a very long time and can now announce a list of extensively discussed and well thought out changes that will come into effect for the upcoming season 598:

  • There will be seven different clan challenges in future, and a different one every day. These challenges are:
    Win 10 tournaments, play 100 games, score 250 goals, and NEW: play 20x in front of a sell-out crowd, win 10x with 4-2-4, play 25x against friends, score 50 specialist goals.
  • In future, the requiremens of the challenges will be the same for all clans and will no longer depend on the placings of the previous weeks or other parameters, as this rule repeatedly led to resentment and is no longer necessary from our point of view to make it more difficult for only one clan to become clan master at a time.
  • Clans will now only receive 10 points for each challenge they complete (i.e. a maximum of 70 per season). There are no more extra points for completing challenges twice. Since the challenges are easier, they must naturally result in fewer points.

This means that the clan challenges will be much easier in future and they will no longer tempt you to play for hours and hours, which is in nobody’s interest. Any clan with even a minimum of ambition will be able to do them, and even very small clans will be able to solve one or the other of these challenges and score points that way. Of course, the significance for the clan championship is smaller, but we didn’t want to abolish the clan HF altogether; that would have disturbed many fellow players.

Instead, there is a new possibility to get points for your clans according to the motto „all for one“, namely in the Clan Duels Friendship Games Lounge, which you already know. The following rules apply:

  • In future, the Clan Duels Friendlies Lounge will only be open from 6 p.m. to midnight, i.e. during the time when a particularly large number of managers are active. This way you don’t have to wait long or even for free. (We will adjust these times in future if it makes sense. For technical reasons, we will probably test this restriction in the course of the week).
  • You will receive 1 clan score point per victory in the Clan Duels Lounge.
  • But you will receive a maximum of 10 points per team and day. So, since only the best 7 teams of each clan ever contribute to the total score, a maximum of 70 points per clan and day is achievable, so 490 points per season for each clan. This is roughly the order of magnitude of the points for the old clan challenges.
  • Only a win against the same opponent counts (it can still happen that you are paired against this opponent, because HE could still get the point by winning!). This prevents someone from trying to get the 10 points all against a second team. Of course, such an attempt will be punished as multiaccount abuse, please don’t even try it and play fair! (You can still compete in the lounge if you have already collected 10 points, but you will not get any more points. You have to watch yourselves when this is the case).
  • In the event of a draw, no team will receive a clanscore point. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs do not exist in friendly matches.

We are introducing this innovation expressly on a trial basis. We appreciate any feedback once you have tried out the new scoring system. We are sure that these new rules will be more fun, fairer and eliminate the unpleasant side effects of the previous scoring system.

Of course, we are making every effort to put the new rules into operation cleanly and smoothly at the right time. Since this is a complicated change, we ask for your understanding in advance if there are any delays. Thank you very much!

With sporting greetings

The players from the development forum and your Ludetis team

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KiO boycotts Russia

We, Ludetis, protest against the Russian attack on Ukraine with a boycott. Even if this is partly symbolic, we declare our solidarity with Ukraine and underline the worldwide isolation into which the megalomaniac Putin has led his country through his barbaric attack. Measures that UEFA and FIFA cannot yet agree on, such as the exclusion of Russian teams from all competitions, we will enforce immediately. That means, translated into the KiO world:

  • The Russian league is closed. Teams that were already registered can register in another league. These teams have received free relocation items. There are still enough free places in first leagues, so you are not at a disadvantage.
  • We are taking all our apps off the Play Store in Russia.
  • In due course we’ll donate EUR 500 from our sales proceeds to a humanitarian charity

We hope that the nightmare in Ukraine will end as soon as possible. Sport is powerful. It must not stand by while peace and international law are trampled underfoot by power-hungry politicians.


KiO Update 10.9 on feb 25th

Kick it out 10.9.1 will be released on Play Store on Feb 25th with the following new features:

  • New Friendly Lounge „Clan Duel“. In this lounge you’ll always play a team of a different clan. This is for now a TEST. If you like it, we will propably replace the disliked clan challenges by points scored in clan duel friendlies (with a daily limit of propably 10 per team). The exact rules are still under discussion. You are welcome to make suggestions.
  • Suggested by the community: New Top Platinum Specialist U19 contract. You can upgrade top platinum specialist contracts for 14 TP to the new contract and get a player who is 18 or 19 years old.
  • Suggested by the community: Clan Master Cup winner will be displayed in news ticker and KiO Magazine screen (starting feb 26th).
  • Prevention of addiction: On the 100th match on a single day you’ll get a kind message that there might be other things worth in life than KiO 😉 Please understand: We really appreciate that you play our game. But this also means that we care about you. We don’t want you to become strongly addicted because addiction is never a good thing. We are sure that you can understand that. If you’re sure that you’re safe, just close the hint when it appears. It has no influence on the game.

Poll: New non-tactical league?

Some players with to have another non-tactical (low paper-scissors-rock) league besides Earth League.

We are NOT going to add another completely new league because we already have some with many bots playing. So we need to switch an existing league and we would like you to help us with this decision. We identified three leagues with relative high bot count in the last weeks, to reduce the number of teams potentially unhappy with the solution. Please note: When we change a league, if a team doesn’t like to stay there and wants to change, they can contact us to get a free flag change item. The poll is open for one week.

Go to the poll

Kick it out! 10.8 is coming

The new version 10.8.0 for Android will be released in the next few days. It mainly contains improvements unrelated to actual matches, so first we’ll talk about a rule change that will take effect from the coming weekend:

After extensive discussions in the forum and with other fellow players, we have decided to introduce a rule that will stop the unrealistic „clan jumping“. What is meant by this is that teams should no longer change clans for a week in order to help them to win the CM. Firstly, this is ultimately a not entirely fair reinforcement by additional forces, and secondly, it is completely unrealistic – or do two or three FC Bayern stars join the BVB just for a season so that they can finally become Deutscher Meister again? Probably not. The new rule is therefore as follows:

Teams will only receive clan rating points for tournament wins, championships etc 7 days after joining a clan.

I’m sure this new rule will be supported by the majority of the community, even if it also affects new clan foundations and „real“ changes, but those are rather rare and affect the CM even less. If teams continue to change clans like a pair of shoes just to help another clan, even if it now takes two weeks instead of one, we will have to change the rule accordingly (extend the period). So, please just don’t. Thank you on behalf of the majority of the community!

Now for the cooler new features of the update. All of them go back to suggestions from you, the community!

  1. There is a new finance season summary with spectators income, transfer balances, salary costs, etc., with actual costs (always counting since last Sunday 0:00) totalled here, in contrast to the existing, rudimentary display. You can find the list next to the account statement.
  2. New top lists: Number of won Clan Cups and U21 Cups
  3. Pressing the button „Other leagues“, you can now also select past seasons, so you can also look at finished leagues
  4. On the Messages screen there is now a from-to filter to only show (or then delete) messages of a certain time period.

One last little thing: The purchase price of foreign players (which you can see via the transfer list, for example) is no longer displayed (as of Saturday). Firstly, it is unrealistic to see this information, which in reality is usually kept secret. Secondly, there have always been unfounded multi-account suspicions because of this: However, a „suspiciously low“ transfer price here is merely a sign of a bargain or an agreed transfer „among friends“ (which is allowed), but rarely an indication of a forbidden secret second team.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact support. Have fun with the new version!

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Announcing Kick it out Summer Update

On august 20th we are going to release the latest and of course coolest summer update of all times.

We are introducing the KiO U21 Cup as all new regular tournament!

The rules are as simple as this:

  1. A valid U21 team has more players aged max 21 than not (at least 6, and at most 5 older players).
  2. All U21 tournaments are played with low tactical emphasis to make sure that U21 player strength counts much more than guessing tactics.
  3. Winners and runners-up win Talent points.

Obviously you need to build a strong U21 team to participate successfully. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do that or not. There surely is a good reward, because talent points are otherwise hard to collect, and as soon as many teams have a strong U21 team, we would like to extend the tournament system, add according challenges or whatever we (or you!) come up with.

The setup screen will show a new blue U21 icon on each player ages 21 or less and will also show a blue number if you have a valid U21 setup at its bottom.

Away rule

As you propably saw, the poll about keeping or abandoning the away goals rule is still online until next week, but the result seems to be unambiguous already. So we will propyble abandon the rule beginning with season 565.


Yes, there’s more: We are going to add a couple of new patterns for your emblems to choose from. Those we are going to show next week when the update comes.

Until then, thanks for playing!

Poll: Away goal rule

As you propably know, in europe’s football the away goal rule is going to be abandoned.

The decision if we do the same in Kick it out, is up to you! Today we’re starting a poll for you to decide. The poll is open until august 20th, and if the majority votes for the change, it will be done in the next update which is planned for end of august.

Vote here

KiO World Cup – the Finalists!

The World Cup Final tournament will be held on saturday, July 10th, 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC). It will show up roughly an hour before. And here’s the list of the finalists. Who will become the next KiO World Cup champion?

  1. TFA SportgemeinschaftDD
  2. BMC Kickers21
  3. TFA 1fc sambuca
  4. -JR- Ostblechbande
  6. 1FC Augustin Kickers
  7. TDS Gold State Warriors 2019
  8. TFF SV-Husum
  9. JVP starsontour1909
  11. BMC FC Schalkham
  12. 1889 The LAST Stylebander
  13. -GVV- FC Hillary
  14. BMC 1.FC Größenwahn
  15. 101 Devotees United
  16. -GVV- FC Hot Dog
  17. -ZPP- Halli Galli Lucker 81
  18. JVP FC Deep Depp
  19. -IRN- Nassajii
  20. CAFFE Lampogol
  21. TRM Moeschy
  22. -GVV- Yin Yang 33
  23. IKG BTAK Iserlohn
  24. 1889 BLADES
  25. -BF- FC OLDIS Germany
  26. -GVV- Münster 2016
  27. Eintr8 FFM 1899
  28. TFF Borussia Burgermeister 1900
  29. -ZPP- Phönix Karlsruhe
  30. TFA Daan
  31. TFF FC Döner jawull
  32. TRM Sohn Lotte
  33. -OBC- Wandering Rovers
  34. TFA Fußball Club -MD- 1965
  35. Die wilden Elf
  36. TRM Kölle 1948
  37. -GVV- simon242
  38. PIZZA Gianni Rivera
  39. TFA FC Bayern Sport
  40. -BH- ESV Lokomotive Borussia
  41. -GVV- 1.FC Werkself 1904
  42. JVP FC Kasuif
  43. BMC Biersportverein Berlin
  44. DFN HAHOHE 1892
  45. -OBC- Shooting Break
  46. -GVV- merheim München
  47. JVP borussia baden
  48. IKG woodie77
  49. TRI Nugget
  50. JVP Klautern 1900
  51. JVP Bananenzupferl
  52. -DE- Berna
  53. FC Gummikrebs
  54. Oben OHNE
  55. TRM BlexenCity
  56. BMC Barfuß Bergheim
  57. -GVV- FC lützel 85
  58. -BH- Team Migelos
  59. -BF- FC Herrschall
  60. -BH- Allfield Utd
  61. -GVV- FC Muff
  62. -BF- Feeds United
  63. BMC Spvgg Koeln-Hanau
  64. TFA SV Prösen

World Cup Group Phase on July 3rd

All 192 qualifiers have been played, the Kick it out World Cup group tournaments are scheduled for July 3rd!

As announced, we made sure that no group has two or more teams from one clan. Some teams have been shifted to achieve this.

Now here are the groups!

Group 1
BMC Spvgg Koeln-Hanau
-BW- **Lucky SpiksBW**
IKG Europe Kicker
TFA SV Prösen
TFF FC Südfriesland
TRM SVW Salzgitter

Group 2
-BF- Feeds United
-BH- Fc Beckingen
BMC Grün-Weiß Borgsdorf
-GVV- FC Muff
TFA BvB Lippstadt 09
TFF Borsigplatz 1909

Group 3
1889 4 ever FC Torrausch
-JR- Ostblechbande
RSK-U fc jacob 2019
TFA 1fc sambuca
-ZPP- Welcome to Hell

Group 4
1FC Augustin Kickers
-BF- Eintracht Mario
TDS Samsun 55
TFA FC Ballspiel F.C.

Group 5
BMC Kickers21
-GVV- Rathenow FC
LINZ FC Grillinger
TDS Crinch55
TFA SportgemeinschaftDD
TRM Gustedt Socceroos

Group 6
BMC fc klanta
NAB domnitsch
TDS Gold State Warriors 2019
TFA Marios Bierpatrioten
TFF SV-Husum

Group 7
1889 The LAST Stylebander
BMC FC Schalkham
-GVV- Sylter Sport
TRM 1.FC Meinland I KB

Group 8
-BH- Rot Weiß Hechingen
BMC FC Isobobo
DFN bnmfjiu.bu
IKG FC Highflyer
JVP starsontour1909

Group 9
BMC 1.FC Größenwahn
-GVV- FC Hillary
IKG 19 er Graupen
JVP Fortuna Himbeergeist
-OBC- Caen Kylian34
TFF Weserfun Minden

Group 10
-DE- SV Katzow 49
-GVV- Svænne Exercitus
IKG CarinaCologne
JVP FC Deep Depp
-ZPP- Halli Galli Lucker 81
MC P@Ds Borussia 09

Group 11
101 Devotees United
-BF- Goleador Derby
-BH- Black – Pearl
-GVV- FC Hot Dog
TRM Ayyildizspor 74
Ufr Gochsheim

Group 12
-BH- SG Schneifel
-GVV- Plantbased United
JVP SC Newbekistan
TFA Daan
TFF SV Ripuar Homberg
-ZPP- Phönix Karlsruhe

Group 13
-BH- 1.Fc Sakima
BMC Hounds of Hell
CAFFE Lampogol
-IRN- Nassajii
TFF 1. FC Steeve HD
TRM uA Sari Kirmizi

Group 14
-BH- FC Bayern Kettwig
DFN thesnakes Wölfe
FRANK SG 2013-Rugensau
-GVV- Yin Yang 33
TFF SG 1 Kommando
TRM Moeschy

Group 15
-BH- Taudemeister
-BW- Aran Banjo
IKG BTAK Iserlohn
TFF TSV 1860 Aufräumer
-ZPP- FC Kölsch 1978

Group 16
-BH- Galacticos KingX
-GVV- FC Flummi 1909
IKG FC Ucefoloc Agale
TFF Borussia Burgermeister 1900
TRM Torpedo Rostock I KB
Eintr8 FFM 1899

Group 17
-BF- FC OLDIS Germany
-GVV- Münster 2016
IKG Rockets OL
-OBC- Tejupilco FC
PIZZA FC SensibleSoccer
TFF GeWuKi 21

Group 18
-BH- Walking with Strangers
CAFFE River monsters F. C.
-GNA- BFV Bochum 1848
-OBC- Wandering Rovers
TFA Fußball Club -MD- 1965
TFF Fc Emdschi20

Group 19
-BH- FC Rot Weiß Holzbein 1890
IKG Beach Clarets
TFF FC Döner jawull
TRM Sohn Lotte
-ZPP- SpVgg Sülz 07

Group 20
CAFFE Club Pirates 1913
-DE- Bu-Pv FcB
TRM Kölle 1948
Die wilden Elf
Yukisan Juventino

Group 21
1889 Bruchpiloten Ismaning
-BH- Kumpelverein BSG Wismut Aue
DFN Isar Tiger München
-GVV- simon242
PIZZA Gianni Rivera
-ZPP- Gokkun

Group 22
1889 Master-T FC
-BH- ESV Lokomotive Borussia
TFA FC Bayern Sport
TRM Snakeville

Group 23
BMC SG Dynamic Dresden
-GVV- 1.FC Werkself 1904
IKG FC Frauenpower
JVP FC Kasuif
-OBC- Villamartin C.F.
TFA Magic Stars 1

Group 24
BMC Biersportverein Berlin
-DE- Greifswalder SV 14
TDS Dark days
TRM MTV AlkoholHademstorf
True Believers

Group 25
-GVV- merheim München
NCNC Keksz United
-OBC- Shooting Break
PIZZA Milanista FC

Group 26
BMC SC Regenbogen Einhorn
-OBC- DreamMogs Dribblers
FC Gummikrebs
Eintracht Zwiespalt 09

Group 27
BMC Rumpelfuß
IKG SC Kayhan
JVP Klautern 1900
TDS Le Coq 2020
TRI Nugget
-ZPP- Team-Odw

Group 28
-BH- fc 1846 ich
CAFFE Fortuna kalabrien
-GVV- SV.mike the best
IKG woodie77
JVP borussia baden
OFP Starke Berliner Bären

Group 29
-DE- Berna
DFN Aufstiegskolonne 1892
-GVV- Germania Solingen
JVP Bananenzupferl
K J EmiliaMarie
-ZPP- Baumi Fc

Group 30
-BF- Padertaucher
-BH- Rote Teufel Amateure
BMC Barfuß Bergheim
-GVV- Münster 2004
TRM BlexenCity

Group 31
-BF- FC Herrschall
-BH- Allfield Utd
ENZ FC Stahlbach 89
TFA Marcs Bierpatrioten
Amirhossin FC

Group 32
1889 Osujinho FC
-BH- Team Migelos
-FUN- SuperFrog
-GVV- FC lützel 85
TFA Thunder Angel
TRM SG halbe Lunge Rohrbach

Four of five previous World Cup winners are qualified, among many top teams, and some hopeful newer teams, that’s great!

The group phase tournaments will be held in league mode with rematch, so your team will have 10 matches! Place 1 and 2 advance to the final tournament on july 10th.

If one team in a group should not show up, it is replaces by a bot. If two teams don’t show up, the tournament size is reduced to 4 (6 matches per team). If three teams don’t show up, tournament size is 4 and a bot team jumps in.

The group tournaments start on saturday, July 3rd, 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST) one after another with a delay of some minutes between each tournament, to reduce server load. We cannot tell the exact start time for all groups, but expect the last group (32) to start roughly between 13:30 and 14:00 UTC. All tournaments will show ab at least one hour before start, so it’s impossible to miss yours!

All the best for the group phase, let’s have a great and fair KiO World Cup!

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