New December Pack

On december 1st, we are going to bring a new pack.

The December Pack will contain the beloved worldstar player including a specialist training to make him the specialist you need. But the rest of the pack has been changed for this month: It contains no less than 33 presents!

To make this more interesting, we are changing the contents of all presents slightly. They will contain less wonder socks and among other stuff, even crystal balls, prolongations, boosts and player renames!

Note that this applies for all presents, even for those you might still have in your inventory. As you propably know, presents and surprise items used to contain the same items. This will now change! Surprises aren’t changed, only presents!

Starting on december 1st, you’ll also find our advent calendar in the ruby shop. You can activate it once a day until december 24th and it will give you a free item.

There will also be a minor KiO update later this month, about which we are going to inform you later.

Have a great advent time!