KiO Week Season 412

Another season is about to end, and very soon we’ll have our KiO 9.1 update weekend!

You already know that there will be a new building, the underground parking with train station and a minor change to defensive headers. I’d like to stress that this really is a minor change which will have impact on a low number of matches only (when you play a team with many headers and crossing specialists).

There’s another addition which was on the wishlist of many of you for quite some time: We are going to introduce the list of league cup winners per league, just alongside the existing list of champions.

The Android app version 9.1 is scheduled for release saturday afternoon, the Windows version will be available during the next days, as we cannot specify exactly when Microsoft is done with their review. Note that the change to the headers is server-side only and will be switched early sunday morning (CEST), so after the season ended and before the new league season starts.