KiO Week Season 404

Here’s another issue of Summer vacation KiO Week!
First thing to mention is that we have another pack special this weekend. So you’ll get 3 bonux ruby for each pack purchase until monday, midnight CEST.

Furthermore we’d like to inform you that the next notable KiO update for Android is now scheduled for september 22. There will propably be an update to the Windows version before, and we also work on a stability update on the Android version, but without new features, but both have no release date, so they’ll come once ready.

So let’s lean back and watch the exciting clan championship this ween, where currently the top 3, JVP, -GVV- and TRM, are only 30 points apart. Surely the championships today will change that situation, but how? We don’t know and we are very curious which clan will win this season’s championship!