KiO 9 Update Preview #2

Here’s and wrapup of what happened previously:

We told you about the new Hammer specialist, then the EU-Data privacy stuff came over us and now we can finally continue to work.

What about the Hammer? What is he good for?

To answer that, have a look at the formations he is made for: 343/532 and 541/4231. In 343, if you play against 541, your sometimes are the better team but simply do not score a goal because of the defensive formation you don’t have lots of chances. The hammer will help here because he adds some shots on top of that. That said, to make sure the stone scissors rock (SSR) system isn’t negated, we are going to increase the number of counter attacks slightly.

When playing 541, you sometimes have the same problem, namely when playing against 442 with strictly lower strength. You should win that normally, but sometimes the weak 442 simply does not create enough counter attacks. In that case, your Hammer will jump in and hopefully score the desperately needed goal to make you win.

Alongside with the addition of the hammer, we are going to simplify the Specialist Rating system drastically. It will simply count all specialists setup in a meaningful way (except superstitious). On top of that, all those specialists (those positioned correctly, that is) will be marked with green color in the setup screen. So the new specialist rating will be from 0 to 11 instead of 0 to 5, which is important to know but easy to understand.

New building

As KiO 9 is a large update, it will bring more new stuff. This:

This is the new Luxury Training Center. It produces up to one Extratraining Boost item per day (similar to the Booster Coach) during normal training. You can of course decide to keep your existing Training Center if you more like the (very low) propability of creating a specialist out of a vanilla player. The Luxury Training Center won’t do that!

Clan Championship

We strongly believe that the changes we made to the clan championship during the last months made sense. For example we once had four weeks in a row with four different clan champions, and that’s nice. But we also believe that currently power gaming (playing for many, many hours each and every day) is rewarded at least twice but shouldn’t. First, when power gaming, you can loads of free items, morale 10 (or 11) and loads of cash, enabling you to always have the best team possible and winning championships. Second, during power gaming, you win many tournaments, gaining additional clan scores. Also, wo make progress in your clan challenge. We came to the conclusion that only success in the most important clashes should be rewarded in the clan championship alongside with the clan challenges (which are scaled with the clan strength). Because of this we will remove the clan scores for standard tournaments (like Platinum Cup and so forth), tentative.

And all the rest

There will be another improvement to the game in the KiO 9 update, but it’s not implemented yet, so we cannot show it now. You’ll have to wait until next week, then we are going to undisclose. The improvement is related to the simulation, and it will not make it worse, that’s granted!

Now, have a great weekend!