KiO Week: Season 394

Welcome to another issue of KiO Week!

EU Data protection regulation

Most of you, at least if you are living in Europa, have heard of the new data protection regulation which will come into effect by may 25th. It involves improved protection of personal user data, YOUR data. Of course we as Ludetis also take appropriate action. While we anyway store only a very small amount of personal data (namely your email address, if you have set it), we also updated our privacy policy. And this requires that you accept this updated policy explicitely. Because of this, in the next days KiO will be updated and then during next start will ask you to accept the updated information before you are allowed to continue.

Clan Cup vs. Leagues

This week we did some cleanups, and while at it, we made all clan cups start exactly on the full hour (plus or minus 1-2 minutes) to make this easier to remember. Additionally, to make sure that Clan Cups don’t collide with league matches, we are going to adjust league starting times slightly this sunday. All leagues will start between minute 20 and 50. So make sure when you enter your league that you check when it starts!


For the (real) worldcup there will again be a Kicktipp prediction game. You can easily join here (they support different languages). Make sure you use your team name as your nickname as there are ingame rewards! The winner of the game will receive 3 large ruby packs, the runner-up 2 large ruby packs, place 3 gets one large ruby pack, and place 4 to 10 one small ruby pack each.

Now that’s it for this week. Of course we are observing what happens in the clan championship, which currently sees TRM on place 1. We’ll see on saturday if they can stay there. And now, let’s kick that ball into that goal!